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I just love this website. I was raised here in Connellsville.I lived at 406 South 11th Street.I would love it if anyone who remembers the Ondik family would e-mail me with their memories. Does anyone remember the Onusko's,or the Galetko's ? If so please write me.How about the Cataldi's? Does anyone know Debbie Smith? I went to St.Rita's Catholic Church.I moved from there in 1978. Thanks so much.
Carol Ondik Bennett []
Host: - Wrens, GA USA


Just checking out the home town. Son of Robert and Ethel Baysinger R>D>1 box 399 Connellsville,Penna. brother,Danny ,Sam and Bruce Baysinger also Janet Williams of Belle Vernon,Penna. The late Robert Jr.and Timothy Baysinger. Hi to all in Connellsville. Penna.
William and Glenda Baysinger [
Host: - Bethlehem, Ga. usa

Thank you for making this web site. My grandmother, Kathryn J Schmitz was born and raised in Connellsville in 1903. I have heard many stories and seen many pictures of your town. Hope to visit someday.
Terri J. Fuentes []
Host: - Milpitas, CA USA

I was born in Connellsville,and have roots there. We have a bit of a mystery in our family tree,anyone with information please let me know. My great grandmother was BESSIE GREER SHIPLEY, she lived in Connellsville and it has been said that she performed some sort of healing ritual with string called "measuring babies" it was a secretive ritual passed on to females,and the details are unknown. My mother refused to learn this when approached by her in the late 1960's (she felt it bordered on the occult),and now it is lost. It is said that people would bring sick babies down off of the mountain to my great grandmother.This took place in the early to middle part of this century. Just for curiosities sake, has anyone heard of anything like this?the origins?Is it an old folk healing method?What are the details?I know very little.ANY information would be greatly appreciated.
Chrissy Steiner []
Host: - Mt.Pleasant, PA USA

I am looking for information about the Soisson family. Also am looking for info on the Soisson Fire Brick Co. and the Yough Trust Co. I am a 4X Great Grandson of Joseph and Margaret Soisson.
James Soisson []
Host: - W. Alexandria, OH USA

I've been researching my geneology and discovered that Zachariah Connell was my Great Great Great Great Great Great grandfather. I have connected it with the mud island tract south of the confidence tract he sold to his son-in-law Joseph Page. I'm looking for a copy of "Centennial history of the borough of Connellsville, PA" by JC McClenathan
Steve Kerr []
Host: - San Diego, Ca USA

Very interesting, I am researching family that lived in Connellsville in the late 1800s-1900 by the name of Gerke; my grandmother was Fredericka Gerke & she married Wm. Henry Diehl in Connellsville. Her parents died there in the Great Flu of 1916. I hope to visit there next summer to do some personal research.
Shirley Bartlett []
Host: - Smyrna, GA USA

interesting site I will be adding "new" pictures of Connellsville and So. Connellsville to my site as often as I get time
Dave Wiltrout []
Host: - Vanderbilt, Pa USA

I'm 27 and go to connellsville every day its great that this page has so many pics. i have a new born sin and am looking forward to raising him here ..(Bluish Green sheep) RUTH(ANGEL)& BEN i love you both!!!!
Host: - Dawson , PA

i love you ruth hope to raise are son here together.
Ruth, Craig & ben
Host: - Dawson, PA

We enjoyed our years in Conn. Pa. Thanks for the memories. miss you all.
Shirl and Tom []
Host: - Middleport, Oh Meigs

I was born in 1942 and lived until 1952 in Connellsville. I attended Immaculate Conception Elementary School from 1st to 4th grades. Great grandparents (Tippman), grandparents (Finn). parents (Finn), great uncle Buddy King and various relatives are from the area too. This is a great site and I have enjoyed finding it from time to time. Connellsville will always be home!
Joanne (Finn) Koval []
Host: - Harbor City, CA USA

I was born in 1942 and lived in Connellsville until 1952. Great grandparents (Tipman), grandparents (Finn) and parents (Finn) as well as various relatives from area too. I attended Immaculate Conception Elementary School from 1st to 4th grade. I have enjoyed your site very much and will always consider Connellsville home.
Joanne (Finn) Koval []
Host: - Harbor City, CA USA

Daughter of Louis Lacognata, looking for members of the Lacognata family.
Tina Lacognata [DavidAdams]
Host: - Pinellas Park, FL Pinellas

Hello, I am interested in researching my father's family in Pt. Marion, Penn. He was born there in 1916 and left I believe sometime in the '30's, certainly before the second world war. Could you tell me if there is a library in Pt. Marion or archives of any kind -- or even someone who might be interested in helping me find out something about the Oster or Ostiar family. Thankyou
Marion J. Edwards []
Host: - Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada

I love this little town, I roamed around with the Navy (worked on A6 Intruders that bombed the sh_t out of Iraq in '91)and I find myself here in warm sunny St. Augustine Florida---I sure miss the snow. I graduatuated from CAHS in '79 and my 20th reunion is not far off but I can,t seem to get any leads on when and where the event is to be held, if anybody can please help this misplaced Connellsville sole I would greatly appreciate it.
Carlton V. Frye []
Host: - Jacksonville, fl

Great site! My husband,Dennis and I have lived in Connellsville all our lives.Dennis and I were searching the web and come across this site. It is very honorable that all the sponsors have taken time to put together this wonderful site. It is nice to know someone takes pride in our city of Coneelsville. Brenda Roadman Stewart
Brenda Roadman Stewart [
Host: - Connellsville, Pa USA

Browsing brought back a lot of great memories. Born in C'ville and raised in Pennsville. Graduated in 1962.
Larry Pane []
Host: - Winslow, AZ USA

still have my connellsvill flag from the soap box derby. If the city would would like to have it for display i would oblige there request.
william crilley []
Host: - palm springs , ca riverside

Does Carneige library have any records of the mines that were in the area, such as Hill Farm and Ferguson?
Bill Cole []
Host: - Pasadena, Md U.S.A.

Please send me any info on motorcoach tour sites that would be of interested to travelers coming into your area...along with any literature that would be helpful to planning a tour to your area. Thanks!
Ruth Nicholson []
Host: - Blairsville, , PA USA

I like the site but wish you would explain where exactly were these buildings located.Like the address of such places.
Dennis Stewart Jr. []
Host: - Connellsville, Pa. USA

I think you did a fine job putting this together,but Ithink you need more old pictures of Connellsville.

I am researching the surname "Speelman" my great grandfather was born in connellsville around 1855 to 1865. i would appreciate any input anyone would have regarding the name Speelman in connellsville or anywhere else in Pa.......thanks
Jack Speelman []
Host: - Tustin, Mi usa


great site, I found it doing family research
kathleen connell ryan []
Host: - Waterford, Wi USA

What a lovely page!!! I'm so thrilled to learn so much from one web sight. I'm anxious to learn more about the Pittsburgh/Connelsville railroad, that later became known as B&O
Sherri []
Host: - BV, Pa

Hi Connellsville! Great web site! If anyone knows how I can get a 1983 CAHS yearbook, drop me an e-mail. Thanks!!
Carol (Albright) McConnell []
Host: - Pensacola, FL

Hi from the sunny southwest. I was born and raised in Connellsville and was mightly surprised to find out they had a web page. I graduated from CHS in 1947 and I was a COKER. Our school colors at that time were orange and black. If there is anyone still alive back there I would know drop me a line. Jim (Buck) Martin
Jim Martin []
Host: - Alb, NM USA

I really enjoy this page...It makes me a little home sick. I always knew about the rich history of our town from stories and photos my father shared and from delivering the Courier. Now I will be able to share the same history with my children. My roots are in C'ville as I grew up in Popular Grove. My folks, Mary (Scarry)& Blaine Reed, still live there. I remember the 4th of July fireworks in East Park, the S. C'ville beach, walking along the railroad tracks, Holiday Parades, St. Rita's church fair with fried dough, Fr. Burns annual fund raiser, trips to Falling Water, skiing at Seven Springs, sled ridding on Kelly's hill, getting milk from Benzio's Farm, and many other good things. I'm proud to say, "I'm from Connellsville, PA." Regards from Greenville, SC Tom Reed
Tom Reed []
Host: - Greenville, SC USA

Very informative. I was pleased to see our city on the web.Job well done!I will be back often to see what's new.
william H. black []
Host: - connellsville, pa.

I would like to see more railroad pictures
Ronald Frame []
Host: - Uniontown, Pa USA

Andy Dugger []
Host: - Charlottesville , VA USA

Andy Dugger []
Host: - Charlottesville , VA USA

Really enjoyed your site. I am 60 years old and grew up in Connellsville. I remember quite a few things on your pages.
Neil James []
Host: - Mentor-Lake, Oh USA

Born and raised there in C'ville Pa. Lived til 18 yrs old up the street for the community center on Fairview Ave. Family still resides there.
Jim Stull []
Host: - Sil Spring, MD Usa

This is a good web site to learn about all the history of Fayette county and the Connellsville region
Fred W. Chipps
Host: - Smithfield, Pa. United States

Beautiful! I was born and raised in C'ville, and when I was living there it was hard to find any history of our beloved town. I throughly enjoyed this 'visit' to the past.
Morris E. Gaiter []
Host: - Jonesboro, GA USA

Hello! I just wish, when growing up in C'ville, I had appreciated its historic value, now, I certainly do, thanks to your terrific website! The many hours I spent at East Park playing tennis, my employment at the National Bank, and Rack Engineering, writing continuity and hosting "Homemaker Harmonies" as Ginny Parker, on Radio Station WCVI, playing cornet in the CHS Band, graduating in 1944, all wonderful memories! Since then have traveled extensively, worked as a photo/journalist and raised a family. Am now looking forward to our next reunion in '99. C'ville has certainly undergone a lot of changes, but to me it will always be called "home."
Virginia Shank DeBolt []
Host: - Charlotte Hall, Md. Charles

Great site.Zachariah Connell is my X6 grandfather. My info says he was killed when a log rolled on him. Just curious the town he helped settle. I have a copy of his will and lots of info on his ancestors and descendents. My aunt is named for his granddaughter. Thanks for the insight!
Lorri Marting Love []
Host: - Shawnee, Ks US

I check this site out all the time. Great history lesson and the pics of the yough river trail make me want to load my bike up and come home!
Tom Welsh []
Host: - Manassas, Va

Hi mom and dad. Doris and Ed Zimmerman
Judy Zimmerman []
Host: - Raleigh, NC USA

neato site. i too grew up in the old "south side hospital" on the corner of pittsburgh street & porter ave. now i live in mississippi. this site makes me want to visit connellsville again. mr & mrs aller, if you're out there, this is "little miss kinkus" saying hello! hello also to brenda markle, susan traficanti, and mary anne pallow. i hope i spelled your names right.
jane kinkus []
Host: - starkpatch, ms usa

It's great to see this web site. I grew up in Connellsville. I lived in the Vets Housing Project, on Aetna St and on Hill St. 1965 CJSHS grad. Thanks for this site

I enjoyed everything I really liked the Railroad pics most of all.
Ronald Frame []
Host: - Uniontown, Pa USA

I am a native of Dumbar Twp, graduated from DTHS in 1945. My wife Elinor Phuntek was from Poplar Grove and graduated from CHS in 1944. We both enjoyed the pictures and text. This is an excellent job, kep it up. I have seen a few City web sites but not as good as yours
James Shaffer []
Host: - Irvine , Ca

My wife and I are from Connellsville. We left in 1952,and have travelled all over the country.But Connellsville will always be our home town. Have a good day. REW
R Watson []
Host: - Deland, fl Volusia

My wife and I are from Connellsville. We left in 1952,and have travelled all over the country.But Connellsville will always be our home town. Have a good day. REW
R Watson []
Host: - Deland, fl Volusia

I understand that Geibel High School has a web page. Anybody know the address, please let me know. I would love to see it. Thanks.
pj []
Host: - albuquerque, nm

We were both born and raised in Connellsville. We found this site quite informative. It was nice to visit home again!!!
Ron and Brenda Brown []
Host: - Gettysburg, Pa USA

I was born here in 1951.
John E Marsh []
Host: - Johnstown , Pa USA

Very interesting. I grew up in the "South Side Hospital", one of the old postcards.
Mary Kinkus []
Host: - Toledo, OH

I'm from Connellsville, and I'm a freshman at Lehigh University. I have to do a paper on Western Pa, and I found that tgis site was very helpful, and I found most of the info that I needed in here.
Gwen Cunningham []
Host: - Connellsville, Pa United States

mike fiano []
Host: - connellsville, pa. usa

GREAT SITE, Keep up the fine job you are doing
Bob Johnson []
Host: - Connellsville, PA USA

Thomas E. Brooks Jr. []
Host: - Connellsville, PA USA

We are moving into the area in Dec.1998 and I was looking at things about Connellsville. Iam also looking for temp agency and nursing home in the area. I hope you can help me. Thank you Donna & Chuck Dunnigan
Donna Lynn & Charles A. Dunnigan []
Host: - Monroeville, Pa Allegheny

We are moving into the area in Dec.1998 and I was looking at things about Connellsville. Iam also looking for temp agency and nursing home in the area. I hope you can help me. Thank you Donna & Chuck Dunnigan
Donna Lynn Dunnigan []
Host: - Monroeville, Pa Allegheny

I am moving into the area in Dec. 1998 and I was looking to things about Connellsville
Donna Lynn Dunnigan []
Host: - Monroeville, Pa Allegheny

Great Site!! I was born and raised in C'ville and still consider it home. It was a nice surprise to see this site. Keep up the GREAT WORK. Shawn Flynn
Shawn Flynn []
Host: - Columbia, MD USA

Connellsville is home and I like to see old pictures if I can not visit.
Glenn Gaborko []
Host: - Oviedo, FL USA

This is a really nice page to have. It has helped me on a poem for the Historical Society's contest. I haved lived in Connellsville All my life and it has gotten better and better and this page has shown the changes! :}
Angela []
Host: - Connellsville, PA

Tis is a really nice page to have I t has helped me on a poem for the Historical Society's contest
Angela []
Host: - Connellsville, PA

This site was very helpful when I had a community profile project to complete for a college course I was taking. Thanks!
Amy Hagerty [
Host: - Vanderbilt, PA

I was browsing and, much to my delight, came upon this website. Very well done! My parents are both from Connellsville and now live in Everson. I grew up in Everson but visited Connellsville regularly when I was very young. Some of the relatives still lived there. I continue to visit Connellsville when my family and I visit my parents. They've told me a good bit about what things used to be like in Connellsville and I always love the stories. And this site brought it all a little more to life. I'm anxious to show my parents this site. Thank you.
Jean Goodwin Brooks []
Host: - Alexandria, VA Fairfax

I would just like to thank you for putting this page up.... I had to do a report in social studies on connellsville and i couldn't find anything else on the city but this. luckily there was enough info on this page for my report thanx again
Host: - Uniontown, PA United States

Love the sites , born and raised in so.c'ville. still swim and fish the Yough. Visit as often as i can. Would like to attend class of '79 reunion next year. Please contact me. Also would like to hear from any swim team members. Beeghley 1291 Fairway Dr. Westminster Md. 21158.
Sam Beeghley []
Host: - Westminster, Md. 21158

My husband and his family are all from Connellsville. We now live in Delaware. It was nice reading about the history. Nicely done.
Betty Hartman []
Host: - Wilmington, DE USA

My Mother was born and raised in Connellsville, along with my Aunts and their one brother. I had visited there when I was about 10 years old. My Parents went back to Davidson Hill which was the area Mom was born in. Your site is excellent. I will show it to Mom so she can relive some memories. I had looked up Connellsville because we are trying to locate St. Joseph Greek Catholic Church. I believe the church is no longer in existance. We are trying to find a birth certificate for Mom's oldest living sister who is now in a nursing home. If you have any information about St. Joseph's, could you please E-Mail me at We certainly would be very appreciative of any information you might have. Thank you and good luck with your site.
Pat Swoope []
Host: - Eastlake, OH USA

Connellsville is a great place to grow up. I don't know how much longer I will be here, but I'm sure that I'll miss it when I'm gone.
Host: - Connellsville, PA usa

Surfed here by accident. I'm a C'ville native and graduate of GHS, too. Didn't know this page existed!
Host: - Pittsburgh, PA USA

I left C'ville in 1979, never thought I would see it on the net. I was a GHS graduate in 1977, anybody out there, drop me a line. I have yet to make it to a reunion, hopefully we'll have a 25th, I would love to see my fellow classmates.
P. (Martin)Miller []
Host: - Albuquerque, NM USA

Enjoyed the sites of Connellsville, brings bach memories but I was only 7 years old when I left so it took some real searching in my memories. My family was from the Connellsville and Pennsville area. My Father Arnel Redding worked for the B.&O. till his death in 1949 and I left the area after that. I also had a grandfather thomas Drumm who was a retired railroader. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who remember the families.
irene redding leininger []
Host: - Edgewater, fl usa

Great site. I'm interested in some of the old bridges in Wheeler Bottom. Like to know what they were used for, RR or trolleys. TIA Art
Arthur Swartz []
Host: - Elizabeth, PA

My late father owned Walt's Grocery store on E. Fairview Ave. He started in 1940 and retired in 1973 moving to AZ. My Zimmerman family settled in Bullskin Twp. in 1793. I will always remember the history and storys my father told me of Connellsville, he was born there in 1916. Great Web Page! Walt Zimerman Jr.
Walt Zimmerman Jr. []
Host: - Scottsdale, AZ USA

My brother,Jim DeOre, loved the Connellsville area and saw things that others did not see. His publication, Treasures Along the Rail, did an awful lot to bring people into the area. He passed away suddenly, last week, and by looking for his Website, I found this. Jim will be remembered by a lot of people in the area. I am very proud of what he accomplished in his short life and honored to have him for my brother.
Becky Gruber
Host: - Pittsburgh, Pa USA

hi, anyone there know mary reece? she was born there in 1926 her dad was killed in the 30's from smoke inhalation.the reece's owned businesses there she moved to ohio married now lives in florida.
Ray Moore []
Host: - tazewell, tn

I noticed on another part of this web-site, the first white settler in C'ville was a William Stewart back in 1753. Does anyone out there know the names of any of his decendants? My mothers family name is, Stewart. My family search has taken that name back to the early 1800's. in Fayette County. I would be curious to know if we tie in to this first settler? Can anyone out there help me? Thanks!
Ed Pane []
Host: - Costa Mesa, CA

Just writing to sign in on the guestbook. I was hoping to see some names from the class of '92. I didn't make it to the five year reunion-my invitation arrived too late-and I heard it ended up in Bud Murphy's! Anyway I never see anyone I graduated with and would like to hear from you to see how you're faring in life. Feel free to drop a line, I'll probably remember you!
Jessica Hardik []
Host: - Scottdale, PA USA

Your town was beautiful 45 years ago and it looks like it still is today.
Louis Lacognata []
Host: - St. Petersburg, Fl USA

I made a post earlier but failed to ask if anyone out there has a photograph of the old 2 room elementary school in Pennsville. I would dearly love to have a copy. Please contact me if such a photo exist. I have tried everything. My 2 sisters, my brother and myself all went there. It is now, torn down and a pavillon is built on the foundation.
Ed Pane []
Host: - Costa Mesa, CA

I just received this site from my cousin and being born...and raised in C'ville, I find this very interesting. I haven't surfed the whole site yet. But I will. I am doing family genealogy and have made several trips to C'ville in the past few years. Thanks to whom ever is responsible for this web site.
Ed Pane []
Host: - Costa Mesa, CA

Would love to see your pictures. I came from the Uniontown area and have family in Connellsville.
Pam Downs []
Host: - Russellville, Ar USA

LeftConnellsville in 1963 but have made many return trips since then. My 65th class reunion is coming up this fall but will be unable to make it, perhaps the 75th.I have a number of slides that my father took of historical places in the vacinity and will get my son Chuck to scan them for me and get them to you. Keep up the good work and when I return to Missoula I will to see if there is more information about Connellsville, Chuck Weihe
Charles I, Weihe
Host: - Ovando, Mt

My father, Charles Armstrong was born at Connelsville in 1910. My grandfather, Charles J. Armstrong was a B&O engineer and, later operated restaurants and auto dealerships in the city. They lived on the old Banning house for many years. I have some old photos of the house and, also CJ's restaurnat which I'll forward when I get my scanner hooked up. best regards, Eric
Eric Armstrong []
Host: - Spinnerstown, PA

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed reading about Connellsville. I was boen there in 1948.My Great Great Grandfather moved to Connellsville in 1865 and built the Wyman Hotel and the Weihe building on Crawford Ave. and Pitsburgh St. I moved away in 1962. I had a lot of good times there.
Charles I. Weihe Jr. []
Host: - Missoula, Mt

Connellsville has a lot of memories for me. Contact with old friends would be very welcome.I attended school there in the 5th thru 10th grades.Moved to Cleveland, 1958.Would have grad.from CJHS(Cokers) in 1960. Love to hear from you.
Ron(Skip) Caton []
Host: - Middleburg Hts., Oh USA

Born and raised in C'ville. Enjoyed the articles and pictures. I'm looking forward to more of the same!
Jim DeLozier []
Host: - Silver Spring, MD USA


Entertaining site
Charles Marck []
Host: - Logan, OH

Hello to everyone from Connellsville. This is a wonderful site for those who had to leave and for those of us still here. I enjoyed reading all the comments in the guestbook. It is nice to know that you still think of us. Thanks to all who have worked to give us this great meeting place.
Beverly Domer []
Host: - Connellsville, Pa USA

There's nothing quite like a little taste of home when you're far away! Although I found it necessary to leave Connellsville, my home town, in order to fulfill my career goals, the town's rich history and wonderful people are never far from my heart. I graduated from CAHS in 1993 and went on to study history and journalism at Penn State, University Park Campus. I've worked at both KDKA-TV and WPXI-TV, and eventually came to D.C. to work in Public Relations. The web site is a wonderful compilation of the town's history and a very nice reminder of my own heritage. Very nice job.
Holly L. Staszel []
Host: - Washington, DC USA

I graduated from CAHS in 1978, and after living in North Carolina and West Virginia for the past 20 years, I'm finally coming back to Fayette County to live in Uniontown. Love the Connellsville site.
Patti Hillen Hall []
Host: - Spencer, WV USA

I was born in S Connellsville in 1941. Mrs. Meyers was my first grade teacher in 1947. We lived near the glass factory close to the end of the line for the street car. My great grandfather was the chaplain for the GAR Post in Connellsville . His name was Sameul Johnson ( 12th PA. Reserv) Lets share memories....
Middleton A. Rudolph []
Host: - Woodbridge, VA USA

How wonderful, I really enjoyed the web site. I was born & raised in Connellsville and attended St. Rita's Church, graduated from CAHS in 1967. I don't get home very often but this was just like a visit home, the only thing missing was my sisters!
Kathleen DellaDonna Allen []
Host: - Warren, MI

The web site on Connellsivlle is great. A big "Hi!" to my cousin Bill Balsley, "Mr. Connellsville". I love Connellsville and always will. Miss it big time. So glad to see the improvements. The bike trail and river rafting are great. So proud to be from such a great little town. Was there in May.
Susan Dull Gilchrist []
Host: - Glendale, AZ USA

Hello from Germany. I grew up in S. Connellsville, and later in Connellsville, and was surprised to find this web site. I couldn't believe that the web had expanded so far as to find a web page based in a town where the main street is 25MPH (S.Connellsville). It was great to see the pictures and tell people here in the army with me about them. Thanks for the memories.
Paul L. Vinoski []
Host: - Babenhausen, AE Germany

I always knew this was a nice little town! I've lived here all my life (35yrs.) and this site makes me proud of Connellsville & all the Fay-West area. Hi Uncle Mike!
Cindy Striner []
Host: - Connellsville, PA USA

Saw your site...Frankly I expected to learn a lot more. Nevertheless I did learn a lot about the historical background of your fair city. Wish you had more pictorial stuff.
Ranajit [
Host: - Bombay, India

Looking for anything on the Doppelhauer name also the Brinkman.

What fun seeing pictures and reading about the town where I grew up. Graduated from CHS in the class of '59' The pictures brought many memories. My uncle was an engineer for the B & O and I use to go down to the yard to watch him. Thank you and please keep updating. Lynn
Lynn Miller Davis []
Host: - Tampa, Fl USA

The steam engines were very fascinating. The site is very nice, in fact I am planning to return to look at more. I am interested in historical stuff like this. To bad my town doesn't have one. I only had one problem, you refered to them as (indians) the correct term would be native americans. I found this to be very offensive.
James Suman []
Host: - Blairsville, pa usa

Like coming Home for me. Thank you for creating this nice site. I was born in S.Connellsville, in 1949. We left after my fathers death in 1959. My mother died six months after my fathers my first ten years are the only years my family was complete. It feels good to have some way of seeing a little of the 'good days' again.
Candice (Hoover) Black []
Host: - Deltona, Fl U.S.A.

Thank you for creating a web page on Connellsville's life. Connellsville has an amazing and very popular history.It's important for people here to know where they came from.Everyone should be proud.
Justine Lohr []
Host: - Connellsville, Pa Fayette

just browsing and located this site GOOD JOB.. i hope it brings back memories for some of the people that are from here originally
Garry Feniello []
Host: - Connellsville, Pa

I grew up in Connellsville & I enjoyed the site very much. It brought back some nice memories.
Michael Quinn []
Host: - Herndon, VA USA

Any more sites about William Crawford?
Michael K. Brownfield []
Host: - Chillicothe, Il USA

you would figure that it would take one of my fast moving ancestors to colonize that uncivilized country.
doug []
Host: -

HI.FROM TEXAS. I was born in Connellsville,and have alot of joy there. My kids loved the river the most.I loved what you done with the town.Keep up the good work. Carolyn now from TEX AS P.S. No one can take the STEELERS out of my heart... WOULD LIKE TO HEAR OF THE MEN WHO WORKED IN THE MINES...

Glad to see some history of Colonel Crawford. I am a direct descendent of the Colonel. He was my great ( #?) grandfather. I grew up near the site of his death.
Brad Tanner []
Host: - Tiffin, OH USA

Very nice site....I'm a former Connellsville resident...from 1971 to 1980. I'll be back to check out more of your site!!
Isabella []
Host: - Warren, PA USA

This has been a great experience, reading about Connellsville. My grandfather was from there and until now, I never really new much about the town. Thanks
Andrea L. Hudson []
Host: - Swedesboro, NJ USA

I am the son of Frank and Anna Tedesco (both of whom are interred in St. Rita's Cem) We lived in Dogtown! Really Juniata. If you remember any of us (we were a family of 13 children) let me know. Rocco
Rocco Tedesco []
Host: - McKeesport, PA USA


I wish my parent's were still alive to see this great page! Dad grew up in Connellsville & would have loved this. I was searching for Reagantown which was named after my 4X Grandfather , Philip Reagan. Is this the same as Connellsville now? I loved your page! Thanks for all the time you've put in on it for those of us that enjoy touching history on the Net!
Marty Riley []
Host: - Baltimore, MMd

I was born and raised in Connellsville and graduated from Connellsville Senior High School in 1970. Enjoyed reading your web page. Memories are still with me of my days in Connellsvi lle. Excellent Historical pictures and articles. Keep up the good work.
Stanley I. Wisilosky []
Host: - San Antonio, TX USA

I lived on Connellsville from 1946-1987. I enjoyed reading your web page, especially the historical articles.
Dorothy Kelly
Host: - Langhorne, PA USA

I enjoyed visiting your website. I am originally from Connellsville, graduated from CJHS in 1958. I don't get back there very often, and it has been very interesting to read about th e history of my hometown. I plan to come back for a visit this summer. Keep up the good work.
Sarah "Sally" Potter Heaton []
Host: - Clinton Township, MI USA

I appreciate you having this website. I'm originally from PA but now reside in Utah and don't make it back very often to see the towns where my ancestors lived. Thanks for preserving a piece of history for the future.
David Brocious []
Host: - Clearfield, Ut USA

March 12, 1998
Just testing the guestbook.. Please take time to sign it, we'd appreciate it greatly! Give us your comments.
Michael D. McCumber []
Host: - South Connellsville, PA United States

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