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Friday, February 25, 2000
I've really enjoyed your website. I only lived in Connellsville for four years,but it was my last four years of school so I consider Connellsville my hometown. Special thanks to Art and Kathy who introduced me to the man I have shared my life, four children, and three grandchildren with and to Mr. and Mrs. Cole who always made me feel a part of their family. I noticed Mr. Zinger signed the guest book. I don't know him but his son was a groomsman in my son's wedding. (small world) It's not completed but you can visit my daughter's web page at:
Anita Bills []
host: - Erie, Pa. USA

Wednesday, February 23, 2000
I was born and raised in Connellsville and it felt so good to see Brimstone Corner again.It brought back many child hood memories.THANKS BERYL
Beryl []
host: - Liberty, Texas usa

Wednesday, February 23, 2000
I was born in Mt. Pleasant, PA but raised in Connellsville. I moved to the Chicago, IL suburbs when i was 20 and i am now almost 30. I loved growing up there and was glad to find such an extensive library online about my home town. It filled in a few gaps not previously known although my knowledge of the area is extensive due to my mothers diligent teachings. Wonderful job.
Michelle A. Magee []
host: - Skokie, IL USA

Wednesday, February 23, 2000
I was adopted by the McNamara family in 1931. We lived at 1218 South Pittsburgh Street until my father was transferred to Lancaster, Ohio. The home office of Anchor Hocking Glass. My father [he was known as "Billy Mac"] was one of the men that restarted the glass factory as Anchor Hocking. He started with the company in 1919 and retired after over 50 years of service. If you have an old Capstian "Year Book", he can be found listed as Plant Supertentent. He as very active in the Elks Club and other civic organizations. Please enclude him in your entries. Thank you; William P. McNamara 8735 Moss Haven Road Jacksonville, Fl. 32221
William P. McNamara []
host: - Jacksonville, Fl USA

Wednesday, February 23, 2000
It was pleasant surprise to find this web sight being that I am a Connellsville native of 32 years.Keep up the good work.
Robert J Milliman []
host: - Wilmington, N.C. United States

Tuesday, February 22, 2000
I moved from Dunbar, Pa in 1987 a little town out of Connesville if anyone is out there that went to school with me Jr. High West in 1986-1987 e-mail me it would be nice to hear from so old friends like Lisa Burnsworth, Rina Hickey, Ann Porterfield,or Nancy Ray
Melissa Lint []
host: - Niles, Oh Trumbull

Tuesday, February 22, 2000
I moved when I was 13, and I miss it, it'll also be home to me. Anyone out there that I went to school with, e-mail me.
Melissa Lint []
host: - Niles, Oh Trumbull

Tuesday, February 22, 2000
I moved when I was 13, and I miss it, it'll also be home to me. Anyone out there that I went to school with, e-mail me.
Melissa Lint []
host: - Niles, Oh Trumbull

Monday, February 21, 2000
It's wonderful to be a part of such a worthy undertaking; thank you. I was born in Connellsville in 1950, raised in Dawson and was a 1968 Connellsville grad and represented my school as a member of the Senior quartet, the Falconettes. I'm also proud to be the first and only member of the College of Regents from the now defunct Women of the Moose Chapter at Connellsville Lodge #16. Needless to say, Fayette County and Connellsville (especially the river) hold a special place in my heart. Good luck with your venture and keep up the good work on your webpage.
Cathy A. Thomas []
host: - Uniontown, PA United States

Monday, February 21, 2000
I lived in Connellsville for 3 years from 89 to 92. I was stationed at the Marine Corps Reserve Center and loved the place. My son is native to Connellsville and I hope to return and show him his birth palce. This is a great site.
Jose Mendez []
host: - Bear, DE USA

Sunday, February 20, 2000
I grew up in Bullskin Twp. and now live in Scottdale I would be glad to hear from old friends
Beverly(Ulery)Collins []
host: - Scottdale, PA Westmoreland

Sunday, February 20, 2000
Am interested in any information about Tippman, Finn, Kastner or Kreinbrook families. Thank you for replying.
Joanne []
host: -

Sunday, February 20, 2000
I often visit relatives outside of Connellsville in Breakneck, on Breakiron Road, but I didn't know a lot of the town history mentioned here. Nice job.
Donald A. Breakiron []
host: - Bear, DE USA

Sunday, February 20, 2000
Connellsville was a great place to grow up. Great memories will always stay with my family.
Bill Ash []
host: - Wayne, NJ

Saturday, February 19, 2000
My mom grew up in this town and I have visited it many times... Now I am 26 and I still love coming over to the U.S.A. to see all you have to offer...........
Ian matthews []
host: - London, England

Friday, February 18, 2000
Good information
Jim Ritenour
host: - Star Junction, Pa USA

Thursday, February 17, 2000
Announcing a New Pool League forming in the Southwestern Pa. Areas including Fayette County. Please view the League's Web Site @ The new league is the Steel Valley Pool League Association and will be sanctioned by the Billiard Congress of America. The 1st 13 Week Tournament is scheduled to start May 4th, 2000. Entry deadline is April 1st, 2000. Full details on the league's web site which is updated daily. Hope to see some interest come from the Fayette County area, Free Life Time Membership offer valid until December 31, 2000. Thanks, Edward A. Kimmel, Sr. (724) 626-1561 Voice Mail or Fax
Edward A. Kimmel, Sr. []
host: - Connellsville, Pa. USA

Thursday, February 17, 2000
Thanks for a great trip back home and the history lesson. I'm from Connellsville and never knew that it had so much history.
Richard A. Welling []
host: - Fort Knox, KY United States

Thursday, February 17, 2000
I'm an old Brownsville boy, It's always good to see my neck of the woods on the net. My best wishes Connelsville.
Chuck Wiggins []
host: - Huntington, MA. USA

Wednesday, February 16, 2000
My family lived in Connellsville for over Thirty years. I lived there off and on over that time period.I will always remember the nice scenery along the Yough River,The hominess of the town,and the feeling of being back in the 1950's the whole time I was in Connellsville.I feel very fortunate that during my years at California University Of Pa,we went up to Connellsville, and shot some great Video of the Town,and many Historical sites. The last things I shot there were Yough River Park under construction,and the Big Snow of 93. I also shot a Gulf War Welcome Home Parade there in 91. I like to look at these Videos once in awhile. I will try to scan some scenes from them into my PC later and send them up to the Historical Sociiety.But anyway we have moved on now,and I can now say Connellsville was a nice place to live,and mabey I will visit some day.Happy Trails
Evan Morgan []
host: - Pittsburgh, Pa. Allegheny

Tuesday, February 15, 2000
I punched in "Breakiron" on the AOL search, and here I am. My father, Donald Eugene Breakiron, was born in Connellsville, and I look forward to our annual reunions in June each year. I never lived in Connellsville, but look at it as where my roots started. I have many relatives on Breakiron Road in Breakneck, just out of town.
David A. Breakiron, Sr. []
host: - Newark, DE New Castle, DE

Monday, February 14, 2000
15 February 2000 Just realized that our website address did not come through with message yesterday. In process of updating pictures so if you visit now be sure and check us out again in a couple of weeks. Website is We both think the Connellsville website is one of the best we have encountered. It does bring back a lot of memories. Ric & Kathy
Frederick R. Hetzel []
host: - Philipsburg, Sint Maarten Netherlands Antilles

Monday, February 14, 2000

Monday, February 14, 2000
First, before you read my comments, go read the comments for February 8th. The person who wrote that is my aunt, and I am one of her brother's kids. She is so right. Going to Connellsville was one of the happiest summers of my life. Rafting down the river, diving off of turtle rock, riding our bikes down the "rails to trails" trail, all of it was sooo much fun. There is no place like it, and when I have kids old enough to do those same things, I will bring them there to watch their memories take place.
Jen Turney []
host: - Dover, Ohio USA

Sunday, February 13, 2000
13 February 2000 Great Grandfather, John T. Hetzel migrated to C'ville in the early 1860's where he and then my grandfather were butchers in what was then New Haven, (West Side). Grandfathers last shop was at the corner of West Crawford Ave and Third Street. Father, Harry T. Hetzel), also born and raised in C'ville. Although born in C'ville left when I was 13 days old, (It was too cold) Would visit my Grandmother there for at least a month every summer and finally moved back for the three years of high school, (Class of '64). Married former Kathy Lint of South Connellsville in 1967 and lived in the area until 1975 when we moved to Dallas, Texas after 15 years in Dallas sold everything and moved to the island of Sint Maarten in the Eastern Caribbean where we own and operate Ric's Place - An American Cafe & Sports Bar. Have had many friends and others from the C'ville area stop in and say hi when they would be on a cruise or vacation in this part of the world. We still love the Connellsville area, the beautiful mountains and summers at the beach and Turtle Rock but, will stay in the warmer climates for now. If you're down this way stop in and say hello if not visit our website listed above. Ric & Kathy
Frederick R. Hetzel []
host: - Philipsburg, Sint Maarten Netherlands Antilles

Saturday, February 12, 2000
I was born and raised in Connellsville and a graduate of Dunbar Twp. High School. I have lived in Florida since 1956 and have enjoyed looking at familiar places and to again read the history. Thank you for the web site.
Viola Sleighter Glessner []
host: - Lake Worth, Fl USA

Friday, February 11, 2000
Graduated from CAHS in 1979. Never realized that I had any history with the area until my family historians told me differently. I understand that the Frye family goes back to the early settlers in the area. I have many pictures of my family tree prior to 1890 that are not familiar to me, (old tin types)
Carlton Frye []
host: - Jaxksonville, Fl

Friday, February 11, 2000
Always will be part of my life and heart!! I miss everyone that i grew up with and will treasure my time there!!!
Edward Toman []
host: - Clearwater, fl usa

Wednesday, February 09, 2000
Hi visitors, I sometimes wish I was there for the snow, I miss the beauty of it. But other times know how much I enjoy the sunny south I still always enjoy going back home visiting my family, relatives and friends. I love going to the So. Connellsville beach with my mother, Hazel and my son, Austin who is 6 1/2. We visit with Marlene Queer. If any of you go to the beach much you know both my mother and Marlene. I thoroughly enjoy visiting this site and have begun weekly e-mail with my new friend Ann Tobias. I have also heard from my classmate Stanley W.; we both graduated with the class of 1970. I still see Rick Renda on occasion when I am home and many of you probably know my cousin Tom McGuinness. My mother grew up in Ohiopyle and I visit there also every time I am home; I love it there. I love walking the bike trail in both C'Ville. and Ohiopyle. God Bless you all! Shelly McGuinness Walls
Michelle "Shelly" Walls []
host: - Buford, GA U.S.A.

Tuesday, February 08, 2000
Tom keeps telling me I should write since it would be a different perspective. Every summer my brother's two kids, our Andy's daughter & the boy next door would vacation here together with me. We went lots of places (Lake George, Hershey, WashDC, Mystic, ,Cooperstown), but my brother's kids always wanted all of us to come down there. I knew there was a lot for them to experience in Connellsville, and we did it 4 years ago. They did the raft trip at Ohiopyle because they had gotten a glimpse of it from the Yough River bike trail a few months earlier, and they loved it. And when we did the beach and turtle rock they loved it. They had never had an experience like it. After they had spent one day in the river I asked what they wanted to do the next day. Answer: "Go back to the river!" They spent two days floating, swimming, diving off Turtle Rock. They started at the pump house, went through the rapids, walked back up the tracks, went around both sides of the island and ended the second day floating down to the dam. To anyone who grew up here in the 50s this is familiar, but it's really one of the best kept secrets. The kids loved walking around the streets of the South Side, hanging out at a park or on the chursh steps. It was a new world for them because like most kids growing up in the last 30 years there were backyard pools, theme parks and video arcades. So Connellsville still has the magic for kids. It was a great place for us to grow up, and I'm glad these kids had a taste of it for a little while.
Eloise (Turney) Lint []
host: - Clinton Corners, NY USA

Sunday, February 06, 2000
Hope to visit. Believe Connellsville was originally called Connell's Town. My GGG grandfather Ebenezer "Father" Harbert aka Herbert left there in 1810 on a flat boat with $400 in his pocket! for the northwest territory. He had 76 grand children. There are still a few of us around!
Marvin R. Harbert, PE
host: - Anderson, Ind.

Sunday, February 06, 2000
Very nice display, THANK YOU. I am very interested in our Crawford genealogy and would like to get web info. to communicate directly to the Historic Society, if not web then at least snail mail address. THANK YOU. Daniel B. Crawford
Daniel B. Crawford []
host: - Oxnard, Ca.93435 Ventura

Saturday, February 05, 2000
Great site!Born in Vanderbilt,attended both Dunbar and C'ville high.I went into the Navy in 1955. I get back home at least three times a year.It's unfortunate that no real economy base exists there because it is a beautiful place to live.
Don Overton []
host: - Waukegan, il. usa

Friday, February 04, 2000
want to say hi. class of 65. any buddie out there.
ed dragoo []
host: - tonawanda, ny usa

Friday, February 04, 2000
2/4/2000 Just checking in and seeing who is new and who has just discovered the hometown connection. I was reading over a few new entries and for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the little drug store that had the counter, stool and cherry cokes. It was just up the street from DeMuths flower shop. And if memory serves the next stree up was the really steep hill with the steps that went down to the streee that ran behind the Troutman Department store. Was not the "YMCA" on that corner too? Now this will really bother me until it surfaces in my memory! Ann Maize Tobias
Ann M. Tobias []
host: - Harrisburg, PA

Thursday, February 03, 2000
my ex and late lady friend was borm and raised there.1926-46 then moved.her mom lived there 1900-74 and passed you know the name reece? her name was mary yvonne.thank you,
Ray [
host: -

Thursday, February 03, 2000
I was born in Leisenring #1 on July 10, 1941. I occassionally visit Connellsville as I have a sister. Regina Carletto living at 519 Highland Ave. I played Little League and Pony League baseball for the Eagles and Elks respectively. Some of my teamates were Nino Merindino and Joe Mancuso. My cousins were also Skonezneys (different spelling, from Trotter and Leisenring). I have many of my relatives still living and dead as part of the Fayette County history. I attended Trotter School when it was an elementary school. I think of those years with fond memories. Ed Skonezny
ed skonezny []
host: - Orange, ca USA

Tuesday, February 01, 2000
I truly love this site. Look at it often. Sure makes me homesick for those innocent youthful happy days! I wish my sons could have been raised here. Being able to "walk" places, like, downtown, to Hetzels, Burns, Troutman's, the air-conditioned Murphy's 5&10 cent store in the summer. Especially the "beach" where all the folks hung out. The stadium and all the Coker football games. Especially the dances at the So. C'ville firehall with Dick Jesson playing the records. I loved it. Thanks for all the wonderful memories. Carol (Zuback) Alexander
Carol (Zuback) Alexander []
host: - Sterling, Va. U.S.A.

Monday, January 31, 2000
The Virtual Museum of Coal Mining in Western Pennsylvania for Westmoreland Co. is on-line, are we will be starting on Fayette County next any information on the coal mines of Fayette county would be appreciated.
Ray Washlaski []
host: - New Alexandria, PA USA

Sunday, January 30, 2000
Thank's for the jog down memory lane. The pictures made me home sick.
John R Clark []
host: - Grantsville, Utah USA

Saturday, January 29, 2000
I miss my home town and am glad to have found this site.
Lynda Read[Easter] []
host: - Montgomery, Pa Lycoming

Saturday, January 29, 2000
I am planning to purchase property there soon. Great town, I love it.
Joseph Mesick []
host: - Smyrna, DE USA

Saturday, January 29, 2000
Enjoyed visiting your town! I'm working on a directory of non-commercial vintage postcard sites for the American Local History Network, and definately will add Connellsville to the tour! Great job!
Pat Sabin []
host: - Atlanta, GA USA

Saturday, January 29, 2000
Great job on the web site. Connellsville was a great place to grow up. It certainly has a personality of its own!
Mark and Lisa Mongell []
host: - Alpharetta, GA USA

Friday, January 28, 2000
PA is rich with history. I recently moved to PA from CT. I am looking forward to visiting some of the beautiful areas of PA. Currently live in beautiful Lancater County.
Sandra A Sanchez []
host: - Lancaster, PA USA

Friday, January 28, 2000
Great Web site... I've lived here almost my entire life and never realized all of our fine communities history. The only thing that is missing is the fine sports tradition that has blessed our area. I just want to say thank you for teaching me more about my home town.
jay miller
host: - s. connellsville, pa usa

Friday, January 28, 2000
Wonderful..thanks for all the hard fun to recall: walking the steps of the Library loaded with books; going to the store across the street on corner for peanuts or salt water taffy; swimming at the Y; catching streetcars at West Penn terminal (remember the waiting room and how crowded it would be); the lunch counter at McCrory's; Sun a.m. at Burn's Drugs; lunch at the little drugstore near Fox's (best burgers & vanilla coke); I saw Elvis Presley's first movie at the Soisson and Gone with the Wind at the Orpheum; anyone remember the flood of either 1954 or '55? I went to Holy Trinity and IC grade/high school; lived in Poplar Grove & So.C'ville (often wondered what was beyond the river but never thought I'd find myself living in Montana, Idaho, CA and Or-e-gun..amazing! I have family all over Western PA, don't miss those winters (remember the icy hill next to IC) and humid summers (ah, the beach on the Yough and the coolness of East Park -I still remember dancing on the stage in some program! like so many others my eyes do puddle up..thanks again for the memories, any chance of photos of the late 40's/50's + ? best wishes to all
Peggy Donaldson []
host: - Wilsonville, OR USA

Monday, January 24, 2000
Every time I visit this web site, and believe me I visit often, I am amazed at how a little town in the hills of of south western Pennsylvania, named Connellsville has spread it's generations of decendants all over this great land! Judging from the guestbook there is'nt a state without a person Originally from Connellsville in it. Yes at one time or another some of us had to move away, but we hav'nt forgotten our heritage.
paul zinger []
host: - erie, pa us

Monday, January 24, 2000
Wonderful website! We come back to Connellsville every year for our Butt family reunions! South Park is where they are held. Come on over sometime and see us! I have a lot of ties to Connellsville. Both my Mother's and Father's families came from there! Names like, BUTT, BORRIS, LYNCH, RICHTER, BROOKS, FAZENBAKER, GEARY, KNOPSNIDER & KENNEDY.
Bill Butt []
host: - Streetsboro, Ohio Portage

Monday, January 24, 2000
Thank-you Connellsville Web-site. While cruising the entries here I came across a name I knew. It has created an e-mail connection and I am very much enjoying the "converstations". It is nice to hear about people I have not thought about for years and how well they have done. I would suggest to those who seem to make regular entries to begin with the would save time in scanning messages already reviewed. Just a suggestion! To my new e-mail friend Shelly...thanks!
Ann M. Tobias []
Host: - Harrisburg, PA

Don't get back to Conellsville very often. Moved to Warner Robins, GA 15 years ago. Flay and I will be married 37 years in April 2000. I really liked all the items on web site. Keep up the good work. I graduated from CAHS in 1959 and Flay in 1957. Like to hear from some Connellsville folks...
Connie Rae Vanorsdale Linderman []
Host: - Warner Robins, GA

My mother, Kathryn McKitrick, was born in Connelsville in 1918. The website gave me more info about her hometown. Thanks!
Leslie Kent []
Host: - Oakton, VA USA

Born in So. Connellsville on First St. Grandparents Christian & Mary Landefeld. Mother Catherine. Lived in New Jersey but spent summers in Pa. Moved to Pa to start 2nd half of 5th grade. Teacher Ms. Derow. Also taught by Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Moorman. Had Mrs. Howard in 8th grade. A group of us hiked to her home in Uniontown. Across the swinging bridge and up the mountain. A great place to grow up. Graduated from CJHS IN 1955. MaryAnn Noecker Forsythe
MaryAnn Noecker Forsythe []
Host: - Vermilion, OH USA

Jim made me thingk of some of our teachers at Gibson. I too had Mrs. Seaton, but I had her in the fourth grade and she opened up the world to me for the first time as I was taught history and geography by her. First grade I had Mrs. Meyers, Second, Ms. Shagum, Third, Ms. Ritnour, Fourth, Mrs. Seaton, 5th, Mrs. Frances, Sixth, Mrs. Mormon, seventh, Mrs. Collins and eigth, Mr. McLuckey. One memory, Mrs. Mormon had a library in our room and we checked out books once a week. This really got me reading. Mrs. Shagum opened us up to the real world with a store in the back of the room for adding and substraction. She was a very creatige teacher. What memories do some of you have?
Tom Lint []
Host: - Clinton Corners, NY USA

My Great-Grand Father was Francis Fisher. Grand Father/Mother...Vernon & Martha Fisher on First Street @ Dushane Ave (house now long gone). I'm oldest grandchild. Amazing to see the old pics...brings back tons of memories. Went to 1st grade in old school building (tubes for fire escapes). Mrs Seaton was teacher. Wow!!
Jim Cavanaugh []
Host: - Walnut, Ca usa

Lived in So. Cville right behind the grade school. Grad Connellsville High 1955, Havent been back in over 15 years. Nice site have seen and heard from some folks I hardly remember. Still looking for reunion info.
Bob Morris []
Host: - Kiln,, Ms

Lived in So. Cville right behind the grade school. Grad Connellsville High 1955, Havent been back in over 15 years. Nice site have seen and heard from some folks I hardly remember. Still looking for reunion info.
Bob Morris []
Host: - Kiln,, Ms

The photos at this site are great. My husband(Arnie Garlick) & I grew up in C'ville, he in Hickory bottom, I in Bullskin area. When we visit I try to drive my children around town to show them things that I've told them stories about. For instance, the football stadium where I used to play in the band during halftime. It's very different from the stadium where my children play in their halftime shows.My parents & Arnie's still live in the same houses as when we grew up. Arnie graduated from CAHS in '77, I graduated from CAHS, class of '79.I attended the 20 year reunion this past August. HAS ANYONE OUT THERE RECEIVED THEIR REUNION YEARBOOK YET? I haven't. HELP. My children will enjoy looking at this site, it's nice to see something on the internet & be able to "I've been there".
Cheri Kooser Garlick []
Host: - Enon Valley, PA USA


I have really enjoyed this website! My mother, Marjoire Stillwagon (CAHS class of 1943) was from Connellsville. My husband, Skip, is from Mill Run and graduated from CAHS in 1969). I have met several people (including distant cousins) as a result of this website. Connellsville is a great place!
Pat Colborn [
Host: - Bradenton, Fl. USA

I was born and raised in Connellsville. Graduated from CAHS in 1976 - would love to hear from any of my classmates. Moved from C'ville in '78 to Bradenton, FL, but still call C'ville home!!! Wish my children could experience the small town upbringing that C'ville gave me! Great town!
Becky (Piper) Ivko []
Host: - Bradenton, FL USA

I was born here in Connellsville Hospital in October 1959. Lots of loving memories of growing up here until 1970 when we moved to Los Angeles, CA. Anyone remember me or grew up there at that time?
Debbie Dragoo Wagner []
Host: - La Mirada, CA 90638

any one from the class of 65 give me a hollar like to see who is still out there and where u all are. i guess iam just curious how we all worked out. please remember. people change i know i made more mistakes then most people living in connellsville the only thing is, i paid dearly for it you c i can never come home i guess that is the way it is to be 65 let me know where u guys are at jimmy cartwright
jim cartwright [ ]
Host: - farmersburg , in sullivan

Very Nice!
John Leonard Jr. []
Host: - Dawson, PA USA

Just thought I'd check out the site for the new melinium to see if there were any CJHS grads from 1964 in the Guest Book. I know your out there. I just wanted to say Hi, and to let you know I think about those days when we were growing up "Those were the best of times" I do believe.
Roger Ship,ley []
Host: - Torrance, Ca USA

This is a fantastic site! I always love coming home to C'ville. I graduated from Geibel High in 1987. Some of my best memories include: Ohiopyle, Pechin's, Bud Murphy's pizza, bowling at Yough Lanes, those great rolls at Valley Dairy, and the County Fair. Connellsville was the best place to grow up as a child. I loved it...
K. S.
Host: - Chicago, IL USA

So. Connellsville was the best place in the world to grow up. We had the swinging bridge, the beach, turtle rock, the old stock yards, the cliffs, the rapids, Dick Miller and Booster football, Little League, Mrs. Lee's store, the Vance's Corner Store and Gibson School. Anybody out there from the class of 1957, the Joint High School?
Tom Lint []
Host: - Clinton Corners, NY USA

I was born in Connellsville 1953 moved to Ohio in 1955. Come back to visit often.
tom bordas []
Host: - newton falls, oh united states

I was born and raised in C'ville. and still love to visit especially since most of my family are still there. And my favorite pizza place is still Bud Murphy's; none better. My brother Kim is now a painter and my sister Marci writes, you may have seen somes books published by Marci. Her most recent book is the Ohiopyle Travel Guide. My brother Dan refinishes parking lots and drive ways around town; he did Bud Murphy's parking lot, along with many other businesses. I would love to hear from my class mates; I graduated in 1970. I can't believe that this year we will be having our 30 year class reunion - wow! Hope all is well! God Bless! Michelle "Shelly"
Michelle McGuinness Walls []
Host: - Buford, GA

The web site is excellent! Do you have any articles on my father when he played baseball. It would be under Thomas Quinn or Patrick Quinn, thank you.
Thomas Quinn []
Host: - Mahwah, NJ USA

I have great memories of the S. Connellsville Beach and swinging bridge as areas of spend a summer day. I just retired from teaching and came back to Connellsville and my brother, his son and a friend kayaked dwon the Yough from Dawson to McKeesport. We intended to start at Connellsville but the water was too low. The times at the river were great, but it is good to see the imporvements in the Yough Trail and the canoe and kayaking rentals. Maybe I can catch some of you on our next trip. Anybody interested in canoeing aor kayaking this spring/summer?
Tom Lint []
Host: - Clinton Corners, NY Dutchess County

It's great to see that some in the community had the dedication to develop this site. The pictures are great. Once again, good job. Robert Lint
Robert Lint []
Host: - South Connellsville, pa U.S.

Excellent site. Good job.
Robert Lint []
Host: - South Connellsville, pa U.S.

this mssg is for the class of '94, anyone that used to hang out with me pls e-mail me. c-ya Guss Castro
ruberli castro []
Host: - ft. lauderdale, fl us

I check in here all the time. Its fun reading what others have to say about Conellsville. The pictures are great too. Graduated C'ville High in 78..played baseball and football. Wish we had the bike trail back then...its great!!! me and my family really enjoy riding and running on that when we get back
Tom Welsh []
Host: - Manassas, Va USA

It is good to see information about our very fine city on the internet. Connellsville is a great place to live and grow up. John Cavalier Jr.
John cavalier []
Host: - Connellsville, PA Fayette

Nice to see the area where I grew up in the 1940s.
Bill Corristan []
Host: - Tampa, FL

One of the best web pages I have seen. It was nice to see several locations where we once lived. Graduated '61 moved to Lancaster in '69 with Anchor Hocking. Currently with the Wagnalls Memorial Foundation in Lithopolis, OH. I will have to pass this site along to my brother Eddie who lives in Buffalo, NY. Class of '61 where are you today? Jerry Dragoo
Jerry Dragoo []
Host: - Lancaster, OH USA

I graduated in 1950, from Dunbar High. I understand that Dunbar High no longer exists, however, how can I find out if there will be a 50th reunion. My husband and I attended the 40th, but at that time we were in the Cincinnati area. We want to come back and really spend the time and see what has happened in South Western Pa. If you could email me any info that you may have, I would appreciate it very much. I was born in Fairchance, Pa, moved to Leisenring #1 when about 2 or 3. Hopefully, you can help me. We need to start making plans.
Host: - Renton, Wa. King

How nice to see my home town growing. I have not had the pleasure of visting Connellsville for many years. On occasion I look for the Courier on-line and would love to be able to see a daily update.
Ann Maize Tobias []
Host: - Harrisburg, PA United States

This is so lovely yet soo weird! Here connellsville has a huge web site with history and stuff.. and I can't find anything for Pittsburgh that even matches it!!!!???? And uniontown that makes the map before connellsville, has nothing remotely like this! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!! MAKES me HAPPY to live here.
Rob S.
Host: - Connellsville, PA US


I enjoyed it very much
bob d'auria []
Host: - brazil, in usa

We were very impressed with the web site.Plan to e-mail to Brenda in Australia.Keep up the good work!
Bud and Pam Crouse []
Host: - Connellsville, Pa. USA

In browsing, I found this site, which is interesting. My Great-Granparents, Wilhelm F. & Dorotea Komm settled in Connellsville after emigrating from Germany in mid-1880's.They later moved to southern MO, but some of the family remained in Connellsville/Uniontown area. I am glad to get a glimpse of Connellsville through the Internet. I hope to visit sometime soon. Great Internet site. Thanks
Edward Komm, Jr []
Host: - Morton, IL USA

I visited your town and area a while back. I friend in Connellsville School system E-mailed this info to me. Very interesting and beautiful area.
Gary L. Smith []
Host: - Headland, Al CSA

Enjoyed the article on Col Wm. Crawford. My Collins/Leighty/Stoner/Stauffers come from Fayetteville. My grandma Pearl Collins, b. 1899 in MO, had a copy of a family history written circa 1950 by a Mr. Freed which included the story of Wm. Crawford. Since she married a Crawford who was descended from a Wm Crawford, also of VA, the family erroneously thought that Col Crawford was "ours" for many years. : )
Marilyn []
Host: - Stockton, CA USA

hi am a 1967 grad from connellsville area high school.i miss our great home town.i love growing up in connellsville. going to the football games ,swiming in south connellsville beach ,going to all the dances like the polish hall,youth center, pool hall it was a great time to be young.
barry r hall [
Host: - library, pa allegheny

I'm trying to find my older half brother and was told that his mother lived in Connellsville PA at the time of his birth in 1976 or 77. Her first name is Joyce and I'm not sure how to spell her last name. Garstenslagger or Garshtenslager. Our father's name is Allen Kirby. If anyone knows of this woman or her son who was given up for adoption as I am told I would be extremely grateful if they would pass this information on to me. I have no interest in interfering with either of their lives, I just want to know he is okay. And I want him to know that He has two sisters. Me and my little sister. Thank you. Please email me at
Leslie Tullos []
Host: - OK USA

My family's name is Wormack. Luther and Effie Wormack are my original descendents who lived in Connellsville, PA for over 65 years and my family members still reside there. We have been a part of Connellsvile for over 100 years.
Janice Williams []
Host: - Sicklerville, NJ USA

Greetings to the Mecca for all Stillwagons interested in Family Geneology. I am not descended from Peter (I) Stillwagon, but from Stephen Stillwagon who lived during the same period as Peter (I), and in the same approximate area of Monmouth County, New Jersey.
Wes Stillwagon []
Host: - North Plainfield, NJ USA

I recently retired after 22 years in the U.S.Army. I graduated in 1977 from Connellsville Area Senior High. I am presently living in Italy and havn't been home in 4 years.I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful pictures of home. Keep up the good work.
Mark Pounds []
Host: - Italy

I miss connellsville and my family there. Hope to see them all and the banks of the Yough soon!
dan lepre
Host: - wilmington, de united states of america

Thanks for all of the interesting history and picutres. We really enjoy the site.
Gene & Nan Cavalier
Host: - Connellsville, Pa Fayette

hanks for all of the wonderful history and pictures of C'ville. we realy enjoy this site.
Gene and Nan Cavalier
Host: - Connellsville, PA Fayette

Born and raised in Connellsville. Lived there from 1949 until 1967. East Park area. Attended Geibel Memorial. Class of '67. Now live in Erie Pa. **Genuine Fayette County Hillbilly** So many good memories! A little town with a lot of character! Would like to hear from anyone living in Erie who is from Connellsville. Thanks again for the great memories!
Host: - Erie, Pa USA

Born and raised in Connellsville. Lived there from 1949 until 1967. East Park area. Attended Geibel Memorial. Class of '67. Now live in Erie Pa. **Genuine Fayette County Hillbilly** So many good memories! A little town with a lot of character! Would like to hear from anyone living in Erie who is from Connellsville. Thanks again for the great memories!
Host: - Erie, Pa USA

enjoy all the information published. would like to correspond with past friends and relatives. i was born 4-24-36,attended gibson grade school, connellsville high. father was wade jaynes, mother was reba lytle jaynes. have a sister pearl. married marian .reed .
wade l. jaynes [wadefromohio]
Host: - cuyahoga falls, oh usa

connellsville, what a town...
pat soisson []
Host: - connellsville, pa

This is a terrific site. It brought back a lot of memories and prompts me to add a few of my own. I remember when South Side School was newly built and the cornerstone laid-1965(?)--wasn't the cornerstone (and contents revealed) to be opened in the year 2000? Also, does anyone from Mrs. Gilmore's sixth grade class at South Side School have photos of the Southern Reconstruction Mural we made?
Nancy Sova Hrabak []
Host: - C'ville, PA

Nice Website. I was born and raised in Connellsville. I get back two or three times per year to visit my family who still live there. Graduated in 1966 from CJHS. The last year of the COKERS. Like to here from any old friends out there who might remember the 50's thru 60's and revisit some old and new times. Great job with Website. I'll visit often.
Host: - Pottsville, PA

Great place to visit, I and my late father use to trout fish there many years ago, it was too cold for thhe fish to bite but we wnt anyhow, look forward to coming back. Thanks
Ralph Hunnell []
Host: - Gardner, La

Nice view of the town...I live right infront of Zack Connell grave..Keep up the good work!!!!
Mike Rulli []
Host: - Connellsville, pa USA

I really enjoyed the site thank you very much.
Jim Floyd
Host: - connellsville , Pa USA

beautiful view
jamie blanchard []
Host: - bayonne , nj 07002

South Connellsville native; graduated Connellsville Joint High School class of 1955. Lived in Connecticut from 1957 to 1982 and in coastal North Carolina since 1982. The picture is great - Connellsville didn't look that good when I lived there.
Kathleen Soisson Cocks []
Host: - Newport, NC US

Being that I was born and raised in So. Connellsville I read their web site first. Though I'd take a look at yours since I graduated from CHS 1950. I was wondering about 50th reunion. This is a great site.
Mary Jane Richter []
Host: - New Galilee , Pa USA

Hello, I just retired from the US Army Special Forces. I am starting a new career in the Connellsville area Jan 2000. I would appreciate any rental property information of the Town & Surrounding areas. Ideally rural areas. Thankyou. Jim Koockogey
Jim Koockogey []
Host: - Hope Mills, NC

I left Connellsville in '62 to join the Navy. Have been back all to infrequently to visit family. Always wanted to return there to live but fortunes dictated otherwise. I've seen a lot of this country and still think that my favorite spot.
Jim Bitner []
Host: - Golden, CO USA

I have been to your area once in my life. I now wish to return there and work and grow with your community and town. I just wish there was a better way to locate employment there before I depart my home town here. Lavinda
Lavinda []
Host: - Bastrop, La. USA

Searching for my sister, Martha Stagner Onusko. She was born prior to our parents getting married because our Father was already married to someone else. Our parents are now deceased, but Marty has been a long loss soul in the live of our Mother, and her 2 brothers, Paul & Charles. Now there is just the 2 of us brothers, and we would like to know our sister, and hope that she would like to know us also. We are married and she has 3 nephews and 2 nieces. We understand she has children and we would like to meet our nephew/nieces. A Helms family reunion is being planned for summer of 2000, and it is going to be a chance for us to meet cousins we didn't know we had, so it would certainly be a great time to meet our sister. You can contact me by email at Sincerely, Paul
Paul Helms, Jr. []
Host: - St Louis, Mo St Louis

really great its about time c'ville gets reconized !
candy lepre []
Host: - connellsville, pa usa

Interested in Zach Connell's ancestry. Did he leave a will that might have mentioned children?
Leland Connell []
Host: - Grapeland, Tx USA

Host: - ATCO, NJ USA

Great Job on this web site...found it by accident... it brought back some wonderful memories. I was born and went to school in Scottdale (1962)....but had many friends and good times in Connellsville. I can remember taking the street car with my Mother from Scottdale to Connellsville to shop at Toutman's. What a treat that was. I also remember the Fire Hall dances and Dick Jesson.... good times!
Cheryl Baird []
Host: -

Hi, my family originated from south connellsville,im going crazy trying to find their names and a little background on them,so i would like to suggest a searchable database with ancestoral names,the surname's i search for are Evans and Giles.I know it's a lot to ask,but it would help a lot of people. Sincerely Marri Shanks
Marri Ann Evans-Shanks []
Host: - Elkton, MI. USA

I enjoyed the photos of Connellsville.
Ronald Rulli []
Host: - Connellsville, Pa Fayette

I really enjoyed looking at the old photos on the sight, but for people who don't know the area, maybe give them a new photo to compare it the old one to. Just a thought!! Thanks for the insight into our own area, and keep up the good work!
James Gearhart Jr []
Host: - Scottdale, Pa USA, of course!


The coal mining info is great and brings back many memories. I'm looking for info on the Manifold Coal Mines--2 tipples that closed for good in 1938 or 1939 when I was in the first grade. I have pictures of the mines, patch (mine housing) boiler house for making electricity, company store and slate dumps. S. Strabane Twnshp, Washington County, Pa. 15301 Mines were owned by the Y & O Coal Co of Cleveland, Ohio.
Don Apache []
Host: - Scotts Hill, Tn USA

This is a really nice web site! It shows a great deal of pride in our heritage and our community. CAHS 88' I'd like to hear from you. (e-mail)
Brian Anderson []
Host: - connellsville, pa usa

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