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Sunday, September 23, 2001
hi!! my dad just told me last week that one of our ancestors founded connellsville. i guess that was zachariah connell! well i just thought i'd check it out and see what it was like. bye!
ashley connell []
host: - jacksonville, fl usa

Sunday, September 23, 2001
There is no better place than connellsville.
matt []
host: - connellsville, PA United States

Monday, September 17, 2001
I think that Connellsville is a great place to go HELLO my friends and I go down to Bud Murphy's all the time for the best PIZZA ever.and my family and I always go down to the River in the Summer on our Boat its a wonderful town. PPL you can find work if you wanna come back to our area Uniontown has jobs not a lot but somea or u could travel to Pittsburgh....I love this area and never plan to leave. GO Laurel Highlands Class of 2004 MUSTANGS RULE!!!!
Chad []
host: - Hopwood, PA USA

Thursday, September 13, 2001
SOME1 []

Tuesday, September 11, 2001
I just want to say hi to all my family that still lives in Connellsville, HI ALL... I miss everyone and home too... Theres no place like home, however, there are times when you can't go back.. I now live in Washington State, have a very good job, raised my two children, now have 3 grandchildren.. I graduated with the class of '69, yes the last name is still the same.. Nathan, and others there who have his point of view, nothing has changed, and it is not any different anywhereelse, you only have more problems in bigger cities. Being bored is just an excuse to do drugs and drink, I know I have been there but no more. To all, life is what you make it.... So get off your duffs, there are a lot of activities you can do that are free, go for a nice long walk, take a ride on the beautiful bike trail I here you have back there, visits friends and play some games, talk on the phone for hours, do odd jobs and make some money so you can go to a movie, or even save it and buy some stocks, or go to college..There, I stated my opinion...
Janet M Thomas
host: - Olympia, wa usa

Sunday, September 09, 2001
Hello All, everything here is going okay am now working in the deli at Delallo's in Jennette, living on wide side in Connellsville. Good the hear from you and I am glad you never had to use that fire extinguisher
Marta Kay []
host: - Connellsville, PA USA

Sunday, September 09, 2001
We are looking for Tom Miller Jr. He has a brother name Gary. I beleive his father still lives in connellsville. His mother Pat "Patty" has moved on to another area, and has remarried. Tom graduated from connelsville around 1975. If any one can help me locate him or the family please send information to my email.
whizmom []
host: - usa, us usa

Friday, September 07, 2001
Did any one notice that those who leave C'ville seem to do well? I did well, went back and suffered for 2 years, left again, got high tech stock options in the 90's and am doing really well now. I didn't want to leave, but there hasn't been good jobs there since the 60's. Nothing new Nathan! You'd be a loser in any town... Hi, Marta. Good to see your entry. I still have the fire extinguisher you gave me. CD
C.E. Davis
host: - Portland, Or usa

Friday, September 07, 2001
This is a wonderful website. Helps me keep in contact with the area I grew up in.. I am a native of Connellsville but moved in 1977.
Janet M Thomas
host: - Olympia,, WA USA

Thursday, September 06, 2001
Liked the site. Thanks!
Felicia Boutin []
host: - Toronto, ON Canada

Wednesday, September 05, 2001
My mother's family is from Perryopolis - used to go to Connellsville to shop. Thanks for the beautiful autumn pictures!
jessica ullery []
host: - Vero Beach, FL USA

Tuesday, September 04, 2001
Hello. I'm originally from Carlisle, PA. You have a great site!
Brian Blackwell
host: - Portland, ME USA

Tuesday, September 04, 2001
I lik to say Cville isnt a bad place to live because your so close to everything like Pittsburgh and alot of outdoor activities in the area. so i think if they want Cville to thrive they need to bring more opprotunity into the area for younger people to want to stay in the area
Jimmy phillips []
host: - Connellsville, Pa USA

Tuesday, September 04, 2001
That was interesting. Thanks!
Andrew Jones []
host: -

Tuesday, September 04, 2001
I am doing the family history thing. My grandmother and 3 of her sisters were born in Connellsville. Name is DeLuca. There were a total of 7 children in the family when they moved to the Cleveland area. The date of birth was around 1915. It is believed that they belonged to either St. Rita's Church or St. Vincent DePaul Church. I am looking for any information on the family. Members of the family include: Gusieppe (Joseph), Rosa (Rose), Fred, Peter, Lucy, Margret, Marie, Guditha and Daniel. It is rummored that Daniel was born and died in Connellsville. Please contact me with any information on this family or anything on either church. Thank you in advance!
Tracy []
host: - Cleveland, OH US

Saturday, September 01, 2001
I am looking for anyone who can help me locate Donna Rea Burnsworth. I was told that she married Ronald Sprowl and still lives in the Connellsville area. If any one can help me locate her, please e mail me with the subject heading "Bugsy". It has been 30 plus years since we last talked. She was the first love of my life and I would love to talk to her again. Share stories of our lives and families and how life has turned out for the both of us. Thank you for any help that you can give. Pete
host: - South Bend , Ind.

Friday, August 31, 2001
the historical pictures were interesting to see.
Belinda Darnell []
host: - Connellsville, PA USA

Thursday, August 30, 2001
looking for a Billy Reynolds His father work on the Western Maryland RR.with my father in Cumberland .
Earle Edmunds []
host: - Arnold , Md USA

Wednesday, August 29, 2001
Hello to all who know me; I wish you well. To those who don't hello! While reading messages on this site I can't help but say quit blaming others for your own mistakes, we all make mistakes in life and hopefully learn from them. We all have choices to make, and if we all take responsibility for our own actions we each will grow and become better people for them. Quit blaming others and get on with your life! Today is the first day of the rest of your life; have this day mean something. Do something for someone else for a change. Be safe! Shelly "Michelle" Hi Rick and Trini and Marta
Michelle "Shelly" McGuinness Walls []
host: - Buford, GA USA

Sunday, August 19, 2001
Mein Grossvater wurde 1884 in Dunbar geboren.Ihre Stadt ist sehr schön"europäisch"!Ich möchte Kontakt haben,mit deutscher Familie!
Fleck,Werner []
host: - Dresden, BRD Sachsen

Sunday, August 19, 2001
My wife and my son came back to Connellsville for a family reunion. I always enjoy comming back to Connellsville. I think the city council should look into getting a Hotel in Connellsville. We always have to go out of town to sleep. A nice town like this and no hotel, think about this. It can only help this town
Kip Mack
host: - atlanta, ga

Sunday, August 19, 2001
I am looking for Donna Rae Burnsworth. It is said that she married and her last mane may be Sprowl. Her knick name was "Bugsy". Should anyone know how I can get in touch with her please e mail me with the subject "Bugsy". after 30 years, I need to tell her I am sorry. Thanks for any help you can give.
host: - South Bend, Ind.

Saturday, August 18, 2001
Nice site, very informative. I was born and raised in Rowes Run, our coal mine was Colonial Nice site, very informative. I was born and raised in Rowes Run, our coal mine was Colonial #3, on the other side of the County. I liked coming to Connellsville, my mother used to catch the train from there to Wilmington, Delaware where I would pick her up, she said it was always an adventure. As a kid, I went to Redstone High School, class of 1964, you might no believe it, but we had to come to Connellsville to take our driving test.
John Lowery []
host: - Auburn, NJ USA

Friday, August 17, 2001

Tuesday, August 14, 2001
Great web page,brings back memorys of c`ville
Ronnie Miller []
host: - Cumberland , Md. USA

Tuesday, August 14, 2001
Just wanting to touch base with Cindy. I am sure you are dealing with the loss of Barry but I am wondering how you are....send me an update Doll... Ann
Ann Maize Tobias []
host: - Harrisburg, PA Dauphin

Monday, August 13, 2001
Graduated CHS in 1980 and CUP in 84. I've been in the Army ever since -- 18 years --now a Lieutenant Colonel. Would like to hear from from other classmates and also anyone who might know the location of Nancy Guard class of 81. I'm sure she's married by now. I have no idea what her new name would be. I haven't seen or heard from her in 19 years -- would just like to say hi.
Dave Mullen []
host: - Seoul, N/A South Korea

Monday, August 13, 2001
My wife is from Brownsville and her father (Leroy Workman) and grandfather (Braden Workman) were from somewhere in the SW PA area. I am doing some genealogy research and if anybody has ANY information connected with either of these two individuals, please contact me at
Roger Vartabedian []
host: - Sacramento, CA United States

Monday, August 13, 2001
If you want this page to be an accurate depiction of Connellsville, you really need to put a picture of Hoagie on it. :)
Tom Duncan
host: -

Monday, August 13, 2001
I just wanted to find anyone in town who is interested in purchasing any hunting and fishing equiptment. Due to an accident 3 yrs. ago I'm unable to hunt or fish any longer. If you are interested please notify me. Thanks alot. Sam
Sam Nicklow []
host: - Connellsville, Pa. U.S.A.

Monday, August 13, 2001
I love this place!
autumn []
host: - connellsville, pa us

Saturday, August 11, 2001
I grew up in Connellsville. I no longer live there, but it is always a nice town to come back to. There are a lot of friendly people there.
April Mickey []
host: - West Brownsville, Pa USA

Friday, August 10, 2001
Thanks for making this webpage, both my parents are from Connellsville. They dated in HS and met up again after Korea and got married! My mother is Beverly (BB) Ann Baughman and my father is James Ross Cypher. My Aunt is Jean Baughman and my Uncle is David Baughman. They still live near Pittsburgh. My grandfather owned Baughman's Garage and they had a trucking company that hauled TNT during the war. They ran the garbage trucks for the city dump... they have lots of stories about the war. Rationing, blackout drapes, air raid wardens, scrap drives, etc... my Uncle used to drag race at Heidelberg Speedway. Pictures of his old hot rods can be seen here:
James [Cypher]
host: - Somerville, MA USA

Thursday, August 09, 2001
ive lived in this area all my life and i love the countryscenery that we have here
ruth ann swink []
host: - dawson, pa. u.s.a.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001
Hi there to all cville teen that maybe visiting this band(day163) will be preforming at club oddyssey in uniontown with 2 other bands on Aug19 the tickets are $7 at the door and $5 if you by them from the band members(724) if your into punk/rock music come to the show cause it something to do and a good way to stay out of trouble
Terry []
host: - Cville, Pa USA

Tuesday, August 07, 2001
I'm working on my great-grandfathers genealogy and I believe he came here in 1893 from Ivrea, Italy. His name was Antonio Corna.
Daele Corna []
host: - New Milford, CT USA

Tuesday, August 07, 2001
this town sucks and i wanna watch it burn
josh nicholson []
host: - connellsville, pa usa

Tuesday, August 07, 2001
this town sucks ass i waz just wonderin if any 1 waz from connellsville jr high east
josh nicholson []
host: - connellsville, pa usa

Tuesday, August 07, 2001
I live in connelsville on faurview ave. and i think u should really fix the roads and sidewalks around here have a nice day
Josh Nicholson []
host: - Connellsville, Pa United States

Monday, August 06, 2001
Looking for any information on the John Donnelly family that lived in Connellsville. His wife Lena was still living in 1936. If anyone has any information about any of the family I would sure appreciate hearing from you.
Marjorie Henry []
host: - Ocean Shores, Wa USA

Sunday, August 05, 2001
I grew up in Connellville, and I'm glad I'm out.
bruce fosselman []
host: - allentown, pa usa

Sunday, August 05, 2001
I just read the online paper.some punks tore up the honer roll in South Connellsville please help to catch them! Somethings never change in that town!, I hope they catch the people that did that and let one of the Vietnam Veterans take some Kick As!!! Time with them, I will never fill Sorry For the Fools! My Aunt Grace Morgart lives in South Connellsville!! God Bless Cylde Nelson( August 9, 1972 by Air loss) and all the others who gave there lives from the Connellsville Area.
Walt Zimmerman Jr. []
host: - Scottsdale, AZ USA

Saturday, August 04, 2001
I attended Nathan Hale School during the 1930's.
Betty Jean Taylor DeMello []
host: -

Friday, August 03, 2001
50th---1952 Connellsville High School Class Reunion will be held Aug. 23, & 24th, 2002 at Seven Springs Resort in Champion. If you have moved or know of any classmates who have changed their addresses, please contact me. A letter will be sent with more information sometime in Oct. 2001.
Audrey Yozie []
host: - Dunbar, PA USA

Thursday, August 02, 2001
Looking for old friends. of Connellsville. Last seen 80's. Can you help.
Ruthanne Buchanan []
host: - Defuniak Springs, Fl USA

Monday, July 30, 2001
Dear Webmaster, I am searching my uncle's gravesite. Most probably near Connellville in Owensdale PA, where he died in 1914, 25 years old. He came from Germany 3 years before, and worked in Connellsville or Uniontown as an architect or a constructing engineer. We did find that Owensdale had two small family cemeteries, but they are no longer in existence due to strip mining in the 30's. Can anybody tell me how Owensdale looked like or something about the small cemeteries before strip mining? Or are there any fotos of the little village from that time? Or any traces of Paul? My uncle's name was PAUL MARNACH. Thank you very much indeed! Marlies Niehues-Marnach, Germany
Marlies Niehues []
host: - Gelsenkirchen, Germany Northrhine-Westfalia

Saturday, July 28, 2001
I am looking for family from Connellsville.My grandparents are both from Connellsville anyone with info on the White's,Felton's,or Fornwalt's please e-mail me at
Courtney White []
host: - Willingboro, NJ Bulington

Thursday, July 26, 2001
I am an ancestor of William Crawford. My father was John Crawford McCormick and my grandfather was Crawford Ward McCormick, who was born in Mount Gilead, Ohio; not far from the site where William Crawford was burned at the stake.
Peggy McCormick []
host: - Dana Point , CA

Thursday, July 26, 2001
good site....i just wish cville was rich now
Ryan Brown []
host: - White, Pa Fayette

Wednesday, July 25, 2001
My mother, Helen Haines, grew up in Connellsville. I remember her stories about the town from when I was growing up. I am seeking information about her family. She was born in 1919, had a sister named Emma Lou and two brothers.
Ann Robinson []
host: - Monroe, CT USA

Saturday, July 21, 2001
I am researching my family genealogy and if anyone with the surnames;Stewart,Dye,Phillips,Beeman,Miller from the areas of Fayette County,PA. and Allegany County,MD.and others as well.So if anyone out there is researching the same surnames please contact me.I am willing to share information as well. Thanks.
Kim []
host: - Reading, PA. U.S.A.

Friday, July 20, 2001
My grandparents Frank and Violet Welsh lived in Connellsville, My dad their son William is buried there along with his brother's Robert, Melvin Frank and Donald. Love the web site. Well done.
rebecca welsh thorne
host: - woodlands, TX USA

Friday, July 20, 2001
i need the contacts of your guests
host: - togo, lome togo

Thursday, July 19, 2001
It's always nice to come for a visit with the family and this year is no exception.
Joan Egnot Thompson []
host: - South Glastonbury, CT USA

Wednesday, July 18, 2001
I have just moved back to my home town about a year ago and I believe it was the best move I have made in a long time. I am closer with my parents than I have been in years and I am also seeing friends that I have not seen in years and always willing to see more. I am a Pampered Chef consultant and enjoying that profession immensly. I have a son age 24 and one grandaughter age 21/2 whom is a very beautiful little girl. Everyone whom may read this take care and I hope you have a wonderful life ahead of you.
Marta Kay McGuinness []
host: - Connellsville, Pa USA

Tuesday, July 17, 2001
Anyone from CAHS class of 1989 that remembers me....please email me. I would like to hear from you.
Lora Jean( Emanuel) Smiley []
host: - Connellsville, Pa Fayette

Tuesday, July 17, 2001
On Sunday, July 29, 2001, there will be a reunion for the Wiltrout Family. It will be at the Mammoth Park Pavillion #1, lunch will be at 1:00 p.m. Following the lunch there will be games, volleyball and other activities. Contact me for more information.
Lynn Ann Wiltrout []
host: - Connellsville, PA USA

Tuesday, July 17, 2001
On Saturday, August 11, 2001, there will be a reunion for the Stouffer-Heck Family. Surnames include Stouffer, Heck, Harshman, Buttermore, McCormick, Crawford and many others. If you are, or think you are a member of our family, and would like more info, contact me and I can give you futher information. Lynn Wiltrout
Lynn Ann Wiltrout []
host: - Connellsville, PA USA

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Tuesday, July 17, 2001
"Rosko" hey I accidently deleated your email,get a chance write back,its good to finally here from an old friend of ours and also from somebody from the class of 1986.
Sandy Mardis []
host: - Lancaster, PA

Monday, July 16, 2001
I grew up on the North End of town and attended school at Second Ward Elementary on Highland Avenue. As a kid, my friends and I would often go on long hikes following the railroad tracks that ran alongside the banks of the Yough River. My family moved to the Southside in 1966. I lived there until I graduated from CAHS in 1972. I often think about how beautiful Connellsville and the surrounding area was during the fall months. That has always been my favorite time of the year in Western Pennsylvania.
Bill Rigsby []
host: - Chandler, AZ USA

Monday, July 16, 2001
I guess I was just plain lucky. I had the beach, dances, movies, bowling, hikeing, bikeing, pick -up baseball, football, and just hanging out on friday and saturday nights with my friends at the local pinball palace and dances. And least I forget I delivered the courier for several years, and sold the Pittsburgh Saturday paper on Friday Nights on Brimstone Corner. I was not a jock or even part of the " in crowd " but I figured it out, and if I could so can most anyone else. So Nathan go for it my man as long as it's safe, ethical, and leagal.
Roger Shipley []
host: - Torrance, California U S A

Monday, July 16, 2001
In response to the note from Nathan Nicklow, I see his side of the story. It can be tough being a kid and keeping busy. But it's a two-way street Nathan. Take the energy you have stored up and go out and knock on doors and offer suggestions as to how Connellsville can improve. Attend a City Council meeting, make the mayor hear your concerns. But also realize that it is not up to the populace to keep you entertained. You have to meet them halfway. I have a 17 year old and a 14 year old, and both are quite happy. No, they don't live in Connellsville, but in Meadville, which also has its problems. They network with their friends and get together for dinner, go for bikerides (and you have that gorgeous bike trail there!!)and play a pickup game of football. Use your imagination Nathan, and you will figure something out. But don't wait for someone else to do all of the work for you. You can bring about change for the better. I lived in an even smaller town, Dunbar, for five years, though I grew up in Connellsville. My time in Dunbar is among the best of my life, because of the people. So, go to it, and good luck!
John Colatch []
host: - Meadville, PA

Monday, July 16, 2001
In response to the note from Nathan Nicklow, I see his side of the story. It can be tough being a kid and keeping busy. But it's a two-way street Nathan. Take the energy you have stored up and go out and knock on doors and offer suggestions as to how Connellsville can improve. Attend a City Council meeting, make the mayor hear your concerns. But also realize that it is not up to the populace to keep you entertained. You have to meet them halfway. I have a 17 year old and a 14 year old, and both are quite happy. No, they don't live in Connellsville, but in Meadville, which also has its problems. They network with their friends and get together for dinner, go for bikerides (and you have that gorgeous bike trail there!!)and play a pickup game of football. Use your imagination Nathan, and you will figure something out. But don't wait for someone else to do all of the work for you. You can bring about change for the better. I lived in an even smaller town, Dunbar, for five years, though I grew up in Connellsville. My time in Dunbar is among the best of my life, because of the people. So, go to it, and good luck!
John Colatch []
host: - Meadville, PA

Sunday, July 15, 2001
Well Nathan, your mom made a point. There is much to do in your town...... if you like participating in sports. She listed no fewer than 12 sporting activities. So, if you aren't athletic, or if you don't like camping, you still have nothing to do. Joe was right. ASK the youth what they want to do. Perhaps some might like community theatre, or performing community service. Nothing unlocks self-focusing attitudes like service, and it instills caring and pride in those who render it. All the great activities Nathan's mom listed just might not suit everyone. And these are the kids who fall through the cracks. We have to stop worshiping athletes and thereby ignoriging those who just might be good at something else that is not supported by local government programs or the schools. What percentage of the taxes go towards the arts for the teen-agers? One of the first things to be cut in school districts that are running on a new tighter budget are the arts. Never would anyone think to cut out the football, softball, or basketsball programs. So.... if a child is not into those things, too bad. In other words, opportunities need to expand to meet the needs of those who don't care to make their mark on the world by kicking, dunking, pitching or hitting a ball around.
Janet Kasunick []
host: - Monroeville, PA

Sunday, July 15, 2001
I was just reading the comment from Nathan's mom. While I agree 100% with what she is saying, there remains a problem. Over half of the activities mentioned take money and transportation. How many parents in Connellsville today can afford this? How many are willing to give up their time to transport their kids to these types of activities? Most of the working parents both work full time jobs, that leaves only evenings and weekends. Playgrounds are great for younger children, but I don't know of too many kids 16 and over that go. I lived in Connellsville 6th grade and on. 1959 through 1969. Think back. We had no computers, no video games..television was for evening watching if we were lucky enough to have one. Drugs were almost unheard of up until the mid sixties. We played outside all day during the summer as we got older we went to the local dairy bar for cokes and to mingle with our friends, we swam in the river, we rode bikes until we got our drivers license, the Youth Center held did the Polish Club, Slovak Club, and S. C'ville firehall. No alcohol was available and if someone showed up drunk, they were made to leave. Times have changed..we use videos and computers to babysit our children (and they wonder why children are so overweight today) are bored, they need stimulation in their lives while they are young, parents who are willing to spend time with them, and activities that interest them. Is there is solution? I wish I had one. Why not ask the teens of Connellsville what they want? I only go to Connellsville now to visit my parents graves. I always drive through town and am saddened to see so many young people just hanging out, doing nothing, boredom written all over their faces. I'm not blaming's the same here. If we don't do something positive for our young people, what kind of adults will be running this country in the not so distant future? Please sit down with your kids and talk to them, ask them what they would like to see done to improve their lives, then put these ideas before your local government. You have some great people leading your town now.. they will listen.
host: - Uniontown, PA

Sunday, July 15, 2001
Just wanted to let you all know that Connellsville has what I consider much to offer teens. Let me name a few: Ice skating, roller skating, hockey, swimminng, local basketball courts, tennis courts, local baseball and softball teams, karate schools, dance schools, youth activities associated with many churches such as youth retreats, teen camps, outings, overnight lock-ins, etc. Also there is a nautilus gym, racketball, brand new YMCA and I could go on and on. Now, does this sound so bad? I wonder what it is that these kids are looking for?
Nathan's Mom []
host: - Connellsville, PA

Saturday, July 14, 2001
When I began to read the young Mr. Nicklow's recent message, I thought, "Here we go again." But as I continued to read, my heart went out to him. This young man is WANTING things to be different there and he very plainly laid out what the problem with the youth is in that little town. Young people need activities to spur them on to better things and to open possibilities to them. The best education is outside the classroom. I have raised three sons and they have stayed out of trouble because there was structure and fun (of the wholesome variety) for them while growing up, which in essence, is what Nathan is pleading for. His comment about consistanly producing people who cannot live without government assistance was right on the mark and shows that he is more than complaining....... He is offering reasons for the problems. It is not the sole responsibility of 17 year-olds to correct this mammoth problem. He sounds like a thinking young man. I obviously have taken your letter serioulsy, Nathan. I wish you much luck. Soon you will be able to plant yourself where you can bloom if you can't bloom where you have been planted. Don't write this young man off just because he's a teen-ager. His message is a cry for help. Let's help.
Janet Kasunick []
host: - Monroeville, PA Allegheny

Thursday, July 12, 2001
I have lived in Connellsville all of my life, and to be honest with you, it SUCKS!! I hate this town mainly because there is absolutely nothing to do in it but get in trouble....and that's not something we are supposed to be doing. I am 17 yrs old and I hope you take this letter seriously. If somebody doesn't do something about the boredom in this town we will continue to produce stupid people who can't live without gov't assistance. PLEASE FIND SOMETHING FOR US TO DO IN THIS HELL HOLE CALLED C'VILLE!! Sick 'n' tired of being bored- NATHAN NICKLOW
Nathan Nicklow []
host: - Connellsville, pa USA

Thursday, July 12, 2001
i just moved here 4 weeks ago and i miss c'ville. but then i think of what there is to do there and i stop missing it because there is not much to do but look at bums down town and crack dealers.but i miss the mountains the most. well if anybody knows me email me.
vince stewart [vinmaninsrb@aol]
host: - santa rosa beach,, Fl. walton

Thursday, July 12, 2001
Hello Connellsville, great Web sight. Looking for old Army buddy, Bob Bradley who was stationed in Germany as an M.P. from 68 to 70. We were stationed at Patch Barracks in Vahingen outside of Stuttgart. So Bob if you read this mail me....Ozzie from Philly

Wednesday, July 11, 2001
I was born and raised in Fayette Co. I had my baby girl in Connesville hospital, Dec.28th, 1954. Haven't been back that way in many years. I was really surprised to see Connesville on the internet. Keep it up. It was a pleasure reading all the guest book. Thank You, Nancy Fordyce Balok.
nancy fordyce balok [big']
host: - fernandina beach, fl usa

Sunday, July 08, 2001
It feels so good to find some sense of 'roots'. Looking for memories to be jogged.....I left at 10 years old....My Father was Charles Russel Hoover, son of David and Elizabeth Hoover. My mother was Velma O. Watson..Her parents were Bessie and George Watson I think they lived in Dunbar mostly.....My fourth grade teacher at Gibson Elementary was Mrs. Hoover (not related I think)...I remember a first Grade teacher at another school I believe ..named Miss Gismondi (spelling is phonetic) Please if you have any info...please email would mean alot. Thank You. I was born 2-3-1949 now 52...My older sister and brother were Karen Rae Hoover and Charles R. Hoover Jr. Thanks for reading my comments . I loved the site...
Candice D. Black (Candy Hoover) []
host: - Deltona, FL USA

Sunday, July 08, 2001
I was visiting my parents in Pa. recently. While there I came across this site and loved it. This is my hometown and I try to get back as often as possible to visit family and friends. Hello Connellsville people! I sure miss you all!
Dawn (Stepanic) Pasquinelli []
host: - Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA

Sunday, July 08, 2001
Alice []
host: -

Sunday, July 08, 2001
My great aunt taught at the Connellsville High School around 1910-1912. From the information on your wonderful site I surmise she taught at the Cameron building as the present Community Center building was built as the high school in 1916. Do you have any records of that previous school?
Steve Charnley []
host: - Augusta, MI USA

Saturday, July 07, 2001
Im from class of 91 moved away last year. Miss my friends and relatives and the mountains. Id like to hear from anyone who knows me.
Dennis Stewart []
host: - Santa Rosa Beach , Fl USA

Friday, July 06, 2001
Can anyone tell me when the airshow will be at Connellsville Airport this year? Please email me. thanks.
Rusty Kerr []
host: - Carmichaels, Pa United States

Wednesday, July 04, 2001
Roger Shipley []
host: - Torrance, California

Wednesday, July 04, 2001
Looking for a church in this area. Look in on Greenwood UM. Church on 119 (4 blocks south of Wendy's) or East Connellsville UM Church on East End Rd. 9:45 am @ Greenwood & 11:00 am at East Connellsville. You will be glad you did
Will Randolph []
host: - Connellsville, PA USA

Tuesday, July 03, 2001
Love your new feature for Connellsville Classmates. Can you include Geibel as well?
(name removed on request)

Tuesday, July 03, 2001
I love the guest book. This information is for all of the railroaders on CSX that knew me. I am now retired! You hate to get old, but now it's time to relax. Railroading was fun back in Connellsville and I have alot of memories. I will be in town about the third week in August; so I may run in to some of you at McDonalds or some of the other resturants.
Ron Enos []
host: - Jacksonville, FL usa

Sunday, July 01, 2001
connellsville schools me.....and the teachers are rude.....other than that we got ourselfs a nifty lil town with nothing to do....hmmm...
host: - connellsville, pa

Friday, June 29, 2001
POPLAR GROVE SCHOOL REUNION will be held July 29th at 1:30 P.M. @ East Park Pavilion #2. Please bring LAWN CHAIRS for use outside the pavilion, PICTURES and/or other MEMORABILIA and your favorite FOOD and/or DESSERT. PLATES, CUPS, NAPKINS, UTENSILS and BEVERAGES will be provided. There is a $5.00 charge per student (not spouses or family members) to cover cost of pavilion rental, postage, etc. Please feel free to contact any committee member: Bill Tressler, Chairman--724-628-2556 Russell Harr, Director--724-628-2585 Don Clark, Treasurer--724-628-4705 M.K.C. Stickel, Secretary--724-547-4072 Charles Miner--724-628-1931 Mary Hough Craig--724-455-3561 Reservation Deadline--July 14 Please pass the word.
Mary Katharine Coughenour Stickel []
host: - Mt. Pleasant, PA USA

Friday, June 29, 2001
Hi, Greetings from Finland.
Jari Peltonen
host: - Tampere, FINLAND

Thursday, June 28, 2001
Good Day, and for most of us it will be a good day. Today please take a moment and send your support to Barry Stouffer and his family. Sometime ago Cindy made an entry in the Guestbook asking old friends to contact Barry to cheer him and send their support as he fights his cancer. As of this morning Barry is not doing well. And the power of prayer can help. Be it to give him time here or be it to welcome him into the light. Thank-you.
Ann Tobias []
host: - Harrisburg, PA

Tuesday, June 26, 2001
it is nice to be able to look up your surronding area and see how much i miss it. from all the places that i have been it seems that the place i call home has more to offer than others. there are 4 seasons for one, water, snow, hunting and fishing there are more. i am in the air force and i am station at tucson, az it is a nice place but not as nice as the fay-west area.
michael thomas []
host: - tucson, az usa

Monday, June 25, 2001
very interesting and very informative.
Sherry (Crawford) McNeil []
host: - Brunswick, Ga Glenn

Sunday, June 24, 2001
looking for family tree history on the Connell's if you can help me please e-mail me at the address above. thank you Gretchen connell
Gretchen Connell []
host: - San Antonio, Tx usa

Saturday, June 23, 2001
God Bless you Ann Maize Tobias! I sure hope we meet one day. I pray that many many people come to know how important GOD is in their lives. If only each and every one of you/us would stop and take just a few minutes to realize how very important family is to us all and how GOD plays such important part in our lives each and every day; what a difference it would make in this confusing world we live in. Don't let the little things in your daily lives upset you, it won't matter tomorrow! Take a minute to talk to your neighbor or someone you meet on the street, say a kind word. Anger is so misused! Some of you might know me, most probably don't, but I would like to take this time to say "I love Connellsville, my home place and pray that it will always be the special place it has always been for me." I will be visiting again in July and will definitely be having a pizza or two at Bud's; maybe I will see you!!!!! Have a safe and joyful summer. Pray often for your fellow man, and make a positive difference. See you soon! Michelle "Shelly"
Michelle Walls []
host: - Buford, GA USA

Friday, June 22, 2001
Hello Connellsville, I'm still trying to locate Ginny Rae Robinson Childs. We both graduated from CJSHS in 1960. She married James Childs (he was in the air force) and they moved to Maryland then on to ???? I lost track of them in Maryland. Does anyone know of their whereabouts? I'm coming home for a week this summer (June 23-30) to visit my folks. Looking forward to seeing my birthplace again. Hope to hear from someone soon!
Sandy []
host: - Northridge, CA USA

Friday, June 22, 2001
Website didn't show on my last message so here it is: Ric
Ric Hetzel []
host: - Simpson Bay, SXM Netherlands Antilles

Friday, June 22, 2001
After months of promises we have finally been able to post a few pictures of the new restaurant location in Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten. For those of you who have visited us over the past 11 years it will be real change form the Front Street location. For those of you who haven't, we look forward to seeing you here on vacation soon. If anyone knows Willie Lingenfield be sure to tell him about Ric's Place new location and to get up with the real world and get online. Ric & Kathy Hetzel
Ric Hetzel []
host: - Simpson Bay, SXM Netherlands Antilles

Thursday, June 21, 2001
I am trying to look for information on the Geary family. I know that many of them grew up in Connellsville PA in Fayette County. Some names that I have are Wade Strong(stewart)Geary, William Grant Geary, Edith, Homer(shorty), Hazel, Carl,Roy, Eugene, Thomas E., Wade Randall and Robert William. Any of these ring a bell? I am looking to visit this summer. Any information would help. It was said that they lived on Geary hill. Is there really a geary hill or did they just call it that? Thank you for your time and any information. Crystal M. Geary(daughter of Thomas E. Geary)
Crystal M. Geary []
host: - Salamanca, ny USA

Thursday, June 21, 2001
Vist for Nokia, Siemens, and Ericson Ringtones. Also Games and Jokes.
host: - 3cool, 3cool 3cool

Thursday, June 21, 2001
hi there, i am originally from normalville. my fathers name is jimmy nicholson of the nicholson lumber nicholsons. if you are related to of know the nicholsons, please e-mail me..i havent been back home since 1986 and i am a bit homesick
Jaime Nicholson []
host: - Harrah, ok

Wednesday, June 20, 2001
I have lived in Mill Run for 26yrs. and I love living in the mountains!
Cindy Henry []
host: - Mill Run, Pa US

Wednesday, June 20, 2001
Is there a way to purchase the post cards. My Grandparents, Henry & Bess Miller and Aunts & Uncles lived there for years & that would be something to keep in our family.
Eilene McKee []
host: - Claymont, DE US

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Tuesday, June 19, 2001
Just thinking of Connellsville, Shame Folks Don't Know What They Have There.....
Jeffrey S. Brown []
host: - Jax, Fl Duval

Friday, June 15, 2001
Trying to do research on my family...Vesper & Moffit. I know my Great Great Grandfather Fredrick Vesper was killed on the Railroad Track in Connellsville in 1948. He was married to Annie Vesper and had a daughter Elizabehth.Looking for more info on the Family. If any ideas please let me know. Thanks!! What a great Website!!!!
Deb Stephens []
host: - Mechanicsburg, PA USA

Friday, June 15, 2001
Born in Connellsville, maiden name was Sanzone. Visit Connellsville every year, still have alot of relatives living their.
Judy Skonezney []
host: - Flint, mi United States

Thursday, June 14, 2001
Ran across this site by accident, raised in Dunbar till 15 then moved to Mi. Sure would like to get in touch with kids I grew up with.
Lillian Caruso Spishak [LILLYPAD1950@aol]
host: - Burton, mi USA

Wednesday, June 13, 2001
Hi Connellsville!!! I am a nearby resident of Westmoreland County and just love this beautiful website they created for the Fay-West area.I recently lost a baby girl due to her being born prematurely.Me and my son have created a pregnancy loss site in her memory.This is a great site for anyone who has lost a pregnancy or baby.We have a message forum for you to come share your story with other women.Please stop by all and pay tribute to our baby girl Julia.And don't forget to sign our guestbook to let us know you were there.Just click on my NAME below and it will take you directly to my site. God Bless, Traci
Traci {Goodlin} Pape []
host: - Greensburg, Pa USA

Wednesday, June 13, 2001
Upset, Why do you think I would send you something bad? You don't even know who I am. The county is so poor that to expand the prison, they thought of putting prisoners in vynle tents. Isn't that a great idea? That just shows how poor and stupid this place really is.......
CAHS Student
host: - Connellsville, PA

Wednesday, June 13, 2001
Hello Everyone!
Paul Mervis []
host: - Marblehead, MA US

Sunday, June 10, 2001
Been looking at "Historic Connellsville site. Great! I would like to find Virginia "Ginny" Rae Robinson Childs. We graduated from CAHS in 1960. I lost track of her and her husband Jim somewhere in Maryland. Does anybody know here whereabouts? Any help would be appreciated.
Sandy G. []
host: - Los Angeles, CA USA

Friday, June 08, 2001
It's nice to see something of home. I've been in the military for 17 years now, but I still get homesick for the sites of home. Thanks!
Lori Pickard []
host: - Dumfries, VA USA

Tuesday, June 05, 2001
I graduated from CAHS in 87 C'ville is still great to visit
Tim Biddle []
host: - MA

Monday, June 04, 2001
My aunt, Virginia Lois Kibler Hughes, was born in Connellsville, PA in the 1920s. She was friends with the Greist (spelling?) family and would like to contact some of them if they are still around. Do you have any suggestions on how this could be done? Thank you.
Brenda Kibler []
host: - Monkton, MD USA

Sunday, June 03, 2001
My grandmother was a Crawford and I was wondering if you could point me to any other info on Col. Crawford. Thanks.
Jim Downie []
host: - Herndon, VA

Friday, June 01, 2001
It is okay.
osborne Abdulateef []
host: - U.S.A

Friday, June 01, 2001
CJHS Class of 1956 is having its 45th Class Reunion on July 28th. Addresses are needed for the following people: Alice Bryner Michael, Robert Erwin, Ruth Hartford Mellinger, Rita Hough, Robert Johnson, Robert Kinzey, Loye E. Knopsnider, Roberta Levine Shames, Joyce Miller Fenn, Betty Miller Meyers, Maizie Pritts Proctor, David J. Robertson, Patty Ruby Savage, Lynn Bryan Savage. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks.
Mary K. Coughenour Stickel []
host: - Mt. Pleasant, PA USA

Friday, June 01, 2001
Dear Friends, I enjoyed making comments on the Connellsville, PA guest book some time back. I was researching the Phillips/Connell connection in Connellsville and Fayette County. I was researching this history for an old friend. Through this web-site, I was able to get in touch with another Zach Connell descendent, Greg Connell Lawrence. We had a great time in NYC exchanging information and old photos. Any other descendents of Zachariah Connell or John Wesley Phillips, please feel free to contact me. Trying to cast the net even wider. Thanks, Charlotte Rigg Nugent
Charlotte Nugent []
host: - New York, NY USA

Wednesday, May 30, 2001
Here Is a little something thats "GOING ON" in Fayette County. Try My "Web Site"!
Don E. Walker []
host: - Leisenring, PA Fayette

Wednesday, May 30, 2001
I would also love to hear from my old friends from school,I moved from C'ville at the end of the fifth grade and I had Mrs.Lee from Connellsville Elementry.I often wonder what ever happened to Alisha Kolipsky,Doug Potroski,Jimmy Bigom,Marcy Nicholson,Andrea Spanish,Robbie Prinkey,there was so many and maybe im spelling there last names wrong but if your all out there and read this please e-mail me I would love to hear from you all.
Kim Stewart Freed []
host: - Reading, PA U.S.A.

Wednesday, May 30, 2001
I am looking for my long lost cousin Lori Livingston,we went to school together,played softball together and I havent seen her in years if your out there Lori I would love to hear from you!
Kim Stewart Freed []
host: - Reading, PA u.s.a.

Wednesday, May 30, 2001
My name: Ann Maize there you have it MY NAME. So what is this war the two of you are having? I am sure Connellsville has its problems. Let me assure you every community has problems. Drugs, lack of employment...on and on it goes. 20 years ago I moved to a very small town in eastern Pennsylvania. Who would think that over the last few years I have watched the pain of my community as our youth have found their way into the drug culture that we think is reserved for the big cities. Death from heroin overdoses, alcohol related traffic deaths, and the saddest of all suicide. As I reflect there may have been as many as a dozen in less than two years. Is my little town different from yours or a million others? The the young and the to change it all...what can be done to instill morality, pride and hope? What has happened to the "family"? I beleive that much in the hands of the young, our youth who are the future, to first, be aware there are problems, second to become active and YES change things. The young and the old must to join together to make "your" community a place to be proud of. A community that the young will want to raise their children in. A community beautiful to grow old in. To the youth....change your world. Be the leader and set the example. To be "in" is not always where you want to really be. Alone for a while can be a wonderful experience. A time to explore just you, who you are, what you want to be....someone who can hold their head up with pride that YES you are different, and that is okay, YES you are the one who will make the change. The elders of the community, as the adults, must recognize the conditions, and reach out to your youth. Oh, I know that during the teens years they have all the answers to the questions, I know I sure did! Funny as I grew older, the questions never really changed much but the answers.....boy the answers did! Believe it or not this little "debate" you all are having is a start...a, the thing to do is to make it a debate that will be worth more than empty words. It has caught my interest to see just where it all goes.....aroused and reminded me of my obligation to my community. There is my two cents...not looking for any response, always open to honest, not vehement opinions....not pretending that I have any or all the answers. Just a hope that some thing constructive comes from "your" debate. Just one more it fair or are judged by the way you speak and present yourself. The use of vulgar language will never gain any respect, speak with intelligence and your words will be heard. To insult the ear, is to insult the mind. If you speak quietly, those listening must listen closer to hear what you are trying to say . Once heard it cannot help but become food for thought.
Ann Maize Tobias []
host: - Harrisburg, PA Dauphin

Wednesday, May 30, 2001
Raymond and Louise Forsythe
rivers []
host: - jacksonville, fl usa

Tuesday, May 29, 2001
The only reason I signed my name as "upset" is because I don't need someone like you to send me nasty emails. Because of your langusge I know you must have a problem with C'ville. And I do know that C'ville isnt't the greatest city alive,but I can say that I have alot of good memories of that town. But yeah we moved away,because there wasn't no jobs to be found that paid any money. If you feel the way you do then maybe you can be that person that does something to help change the way C'ville is.I lived there from birth until 26 years of age.But at the time I never paid much attention to what was really going on around me. So if you are young enough to help the community please to it. Turn it around. Today young people don't get much respect,but you can change that if you want. I wish I could turn back time and help where I could. And I am glad that they deleated what you said. You could have said it in better words....
upset []
host: - PA USA

Monday, May 28, 2001
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all vets young or old for the freedom that they gave all of us.My father was a WW II vet and he was very proud of doing his duty as I was to serve in the Vietnam war. My father was Harry w Rohm of snydertown and also my mother Ruth Rohm who are both gone now and are buried in the national cemetary in riverside calif . My dad finally recieved the little plot of land he fought for. I am very proud that my father taught me the values that he learned from being from connellsville. I also would like to say connellsville i salute you for showing everyone how a small town survive. Thanks again.
Robert rohm []
host: - orange, ca usa

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